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Somewhere I can collect my various written works without having to worry about losing hosting if google decides that explicit written content is no longer allowed. Novels are only available via my GumRoad (aside from The Rose's Thorn).

Note: All Explicit stories have been moved to my [NSFW website] in the interest of making this one a little bit more accessible (i.e., being able to add it to webrings and what not)

Non-Fiction/Essays | Novels | Short Stories

Essays and musings on real world issues. This list is currently incomplete.

"On Queer and Trans Liberation, Patriarchy and Man/Woman as Oppositional Categories" - Originally Posted on my blog.

"Bringing Some Light" - An essay on the basics of Luciferianism and Satanism written for Witches of PA. Originally posted on my blog.

The Rose's Thorn
Rating: PG-13
Completion: Abandoned (I might eventually pick it up but idk)
Content Warnings: Cannibalism, Body Horror, Blood Drinking, Domestic Violence
When her Sire dired, Morgan Kendrick swore she'd never love again but in the kingdom of Spring, deep within the realm of Faerie, she might learn to do so again...

Before Sundown
(New Adult Urban Fantasy)
Completion: In Progress
Content Warnings: Violence, body horror, depictions of post-traumatic stress disorder/flashbacks, child abuse (in flashbacks), brief mentions of transphobia, murder, gore.
I haven't worked in this book in awhile but it's something I still want to get out there eventually... The story centers on Ryan Thomas and his friends, all of whom are employees of the International Society for the Investigation of the Paranormal -- who have been sent to Ryan's home town to investigate a series of inexplicable murders.

"Blood And Bondage"
An unfinished short story featuring Florian and Viktor in an AU where Florian has been turned into a full-blooded vampire and struggles with what that means for him.
Rating: Semi Explicit
Completion: Unfinished/Abandoned
Content Warnings: Self-harm, bondage, blood-drinking.

Another Chicago Chronicle short.
Rating: PG-13
Completion: Complete
Content Warnings: Gaslighting, Mind-control, Abuse

Another chicago chronicle short.
Rating: PG-13
Completion: Incomplete/Abandoned
Content Warnings: Pregnancy/Forced Pregnancy, emeto

"Ruined Date"
A FlorianxViktor piece set in the Santa Marta by Night Chronicle Universe; a drunken associate of Florian's father ruins Florian and Viktor's night out.
Rating: PG-13
Completion: Complete
Content Warnings: Graphic Violence, Homophobia, Transphobia, Misgendering/Deadnaming

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