Information about the European Vampire as it exists in my original mythos/universe (sometimes referred to as the Nocturnal Creatures universe or the ISIP universe. The majority of my novels/stories take place in some variation of this original lore universe!).

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In the time before time, there were the primordial deities -- the beings that would split into every god and goddess in existence, entities of great power that shaped the universe and the world that we live in today. One such being was Night -- who ruled over the hours of darkness and presided over the ordering of the stars and planets, consort of Moon and Hunt.

Night saw that humans were largely afraid of Her domain, that they feared the other creatures who walked the dark and could not protect themselves very effectively from many of these creatures and she felt pity for them. She wanted for every being that existed to be able to enjoy the tapestry she had woven in the immense darkness of the sky.

And so, Night, with the help of Hunt and Moon, would create a blessing for those most devoted of humans who felt most at home during the hours of darkness. They would be given claws and fangs like the animals that frightened them, eyes that could see with nothing but starlight, enhanced strength and speed, the ability to heal from almost any wound, the ability to subsist only on the blood of the animals they killed and a seemingly endless lifespan. In return for the blessing, they would have to forsake Day andprotect their human brethren from the other predators that dwelled in the darkness of Night. They were also given the ability to gift this state of being to those they most loved so that they might share the beauty and joy of Night with others.

After a time, a new Entity entered the world -- a being that came from beyond the boundaries that the primordial deities protected and maintained. Something that did not belong in the world. A being known as The Myriad Eyes. It corrupted the stars, corrupting Night and Moon and turning them into Stars like Eyes and The Watching Eye... This corruption in turn affected Night's Chosen -- they became possessed of the same endless hunger as the Myriad Eyes and were driven by this endless hunger to abandon their duty to protect humans and instead, hunt them down and feed upon them. In addition to this endless hunger, the corruption of the Myriad Eyes drove the Chosen to infect as many as possible with their "blessing"...

In a great war, the primordial deities would split The Myriad Eyes into spirit, mind and body, separating the three and, in essence, "killing" it. In doing so, they were also forced to "kill" Night and Moon, using the last of their power to create new Deities to take their place. The death of Night and Moon would complete the process by which Night's Blessing became the modern day curse of vampirism. Deprived of their divine font, the Chosen died -- but the influence of the Myriad and their endless lives prevented their souls from leaving the mortal plane and returning to the Cycle of Reincarnation, leaving them trapped in bodies that were neither dead nor alive and yet both.

Over the centuries, the curse mutated and changed, splitting into multiple bloodlines. In the modern era, only seven of these bloodlines still exist: Nightingale, Revenant, Siren, Stryzga, Ancient, Lamia and Felis... Along with the pseudo-bloodline, Feral.

Important Note: There are more "types" of vampires than what's listed here, these are just the ones that you'll most commonly find in the places that were colonized by Europeans.

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While every bloodline possesses its own unique abilities and traits, there are some traits that all vampires possess, to some extent... They are as follows:

  • Enhanced strength and speed.

  • Enhanced physical dexterity.

  • Enhanced stamina and physical resilience.

  • Highly enhanced senses.

  • Increased nerve sensitivity.

  • The development of a tapetum lucidum, (a reflective layer at the back of the eye, located behind the retina) allowing the vampire to see in near total darkness.

  • Catlike, slitted pupils.

  • Sharp, retractable claws that appear as black, dark red or pale brown nails.

  • Lengthened and sharpened canines (and sometimes outer/inner incisors) that extend during times of high emotion and hunger.

  • Infinite Lifespan

  • Washed out or sickly looking skin.

  • Brilliantly colored, faintly luminous irises.

  • Highly addictive, almost narcotic blood.

  • Low-level telepathic/empathic ability
    (mostly, this functions as being able to sense the general mood and/or surface thoughts of humans)

  • Low-level mental control/hypnosis
    (the vampire comes across as supernaturally persuasive/compelling.)

  • Immunity to toxins introduced via poisoned (mundane) food and drink. Can be temporarily disabled with poisoned blood and other various mundane toxins, depending on exposure and the poison itself.

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"The Veil" is not something that is unique to vampires. Rather, it is something that affects the entirety of the Supernatural. As human belief in magic and the Supernatural waned, the Supernatural began to fde from the sight of Mundane humans. Not because it ceased to exist but rather, because human perception of reality became limited.

To the average mortal, a vampire will be almost indistinguishable from a living human save for a few things such as an incredibly languid pulse, a near lack of respiration, a sickly/pale complexion and skin that is cool to the touch, though most humans aren't perceptive enough to quite notice these things and even if they do they'll rationalize it away as something else. Additionally, a perceptive human might notice the sharpness of a vampire's fangs or notice a "flash" of the eyes when the vampire is actively using their powers.

A vampire's true appearance will, however, be imperceptible to a human that has not yet "Crossed Over" (i.e., been inducted into the world of the Supernatural, thus drawing the Veil from their eyes and making them capable of seeing the Supernatural for what it is.)

Notably, even Mundane Children have some ability to see through The Veil (due to the imaginative and credulous nature of most children) but usually lose this ability by the time they reach puberty due to becoming more and more "in tune" with "reality". Humans who are able to maintain this ability through their entire life are rare but generally, have some other Supernatural or Paranormal trait that accompanies their Sight.

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The Nightingale
The Revenant
The Siren
The Stryzga
The First
The Felis
The Lamia
The Feral

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The Curse
The Change
Sire/Fledgling Relationships
The Hunger
The Effects of Vampire Blood Consumption

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A quick list of questions about vampires and the answers to those questions. Most of these questions don't have an in-depth enough answer to warrant an entire page to explain them.

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Can vampires consume mundane food/drink?
Do vampires have normal digestive functon?
Can/do vampires fuck?
Are vampiric bodily fluids blood?
Do vampires have heart beats/breathe?
How cold is a vampire's skin?
Can vampires touch/wear silver?
Can vampires reproduce sexually?
Are vampires effected by holy objects/symbols/imagery?
What will kill a vampire?
Can vampirism be reversed?
Can vampires shapeshift?
Do vampirekin/"human" vampires exist?
Do vampiric ghosts exist?
Can vampires do magic?

  • Can Vampires consume mudane food/drink?
    Some vampires can and some vampires can't. Whether or not they're capable of eating solid food is determined by two factors: how connected the vampire is to their humanity and how willing they are to put in the effort to force it down if they've lost that connection.

    For vampires who are still very connected to their humanity,solid food will still have a pleasant taste to it and will be able to consume it without any real side-effects, though it provides absolutley no nourishment to them. Solid food can be a challenge for vampires who have distanced themselves greatly from their former humanity -- its taste will be greatly diminished (it may even taste like ash or rot) and they'll find it incredibly difficult to stomach.

    All vampires, regardless of how human, can still consume liquids that aren't blood, however. A lot of vampires who are human enough to enjoy food will eat it just for the sake of enjoying it as vampires have a strong tendency towards hedonistic behavior.
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  • Do vampires still have normal digestive function?
    No. Vampires cannot process solid food whatsoever. Their digestive system has completely converted to processing blood in such a way that it is completely absorbed by the body and goes immediately into the bloodstream from the stomach/digestive tract. Any solid food or non-blood liquid that a vampire consumes will have to come back out the way it went in eventually.
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  • Can/do vampires fuck?
    Yes -- even vampires who are greatly detached from their humanity can experience sexual attraction and can have a sex drive. The strength of this drive is impacted heavily by how they interacted with this drive as a human (i.e., an asexual human will be an asexual vampire 99% of the time), though they might find their drive increases due to pleasure-seeking nature of the curse. For vampires who are heavily distanced from humanity, sex and sexual attraction is folded into their bloodlust and sex is almost always an aspect of or a prelude to feeding.
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  • Are vampiric bodily fluids blood?
    A fun fact is that most human bodily fluids are just heavily processed/diluted forms of blood. That said, yes. They are. Vampiric bodies don't really process liquids like human bodies do so the process of diluting and processing blood that leads to things like urine, tears, saliva and genital lubricant don't occur for vampires. More human vampires will tend to have bodily fluids that are just blood-tinged or slightly pink and taste metallic whereas much more detached vampires have bodily fluids that appear almost indistinguishable from blood (the effects this would have on the appearance of their eyes are hidden from Mundane humans by the Veil but other vampires can see these changes).
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  • Do vampires have heartbeats/breathe?
    Yes, actually. At least, they do when they're awake. A well-fed vampire's resting heart rate is usually around 40-55BPM and their respiration is usually around 4 or 5 breaths per minute. Strenuous activity will increase that heart rate and respiration rate to near human levels, depending on how intensive the activity is. Fear and emotional stress cause the same reaction.
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  • How cold is a vampire's skin?
    A well-fed vampire will have a core temperature of about 75?-85? F, though their skin will often feel more like room temperature (70?-60? F).
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  • Can vampires touch/wear silver?
    Most vampires can, yes. There is a strain of vampirism that runs within all the bloodlines that comes with a sort of allergy to silver, the origins of which are unknown but some Christian vampires refer to it as "Iscariot Syndrome.
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  • Can vampires reproduce sexually?
    Generally, no. The only way for vampires to reproduce without outside interference is with the Ritual of Transformation. However, there are ways for vapires to "cheat" and reproduce sexually via magical interference... However, these rituals are generally incredibly difficult to pullof and may have side-effects for both the vampire and the future child. (I will eventually write a page on Dhampirs)
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  • Are vampires effected by holy objects and sacred imagery?
    Depends. The efficacy of holy objects/symbols on vampires is determined by two variables: the faith of the vampire, the faith of the wielder.

    If a vampire had strong faith as a mortal and believes strongly that items of faith will harm them with enough dedication then they yes, they will have an effect. If the vampire has no such belief, even if they had faith as a human, then generally speaking, those objects/symbols will have no effect.

    If the person wielding the symbol/object has a strong belief that the object will harm the vampire, it can -- even if the vampire has no belief in it (though the effectiveness of the symbol/object will be lessened by the vampire's lack of faith)
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  • What will kill a vampire?
    The following are the most effective ways for humans to kill a vampire: cutting off the head*, reducing the vampire to ash, destroying the heart**. A vampire can also be killed by complete exsanguination but the chances of a human being able to pull this off are pretty low. Notably -- fire is the most effective way to damage a vampire. While it takes around 2800? to reduce a human corpse to ash (and even then the bones must be pulverized), a large enough bonfire can be used to destroy a vampire.

    *there are vampires who can survive this.
    ** simply piercing the heart will not succeed din killing a vampire. The heart must be completely destroyed.
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  • Can vampirism be reversed?
    Not without the use of incredibly rare, incredibly heavy-duty magic and even then, it's not possible for all vampires. if the vampire in question has both a) killed another human by draining them of blood and b) created another vampire, it will be impossible to reverse the curse, no matter what magics are used.
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  • Can vampires turn into animals/mist/change their shape in other ways?
    Yes, though it depends on the bloodline and age/power of the vampire.

    Very old/powerful vampires of any bloodline can learn to turn into mist or other incorporeal forms.

    Vampires within the Stryzga bloodline are capable of changing their shape in various ways though full-body transformation generally takes at least a century to master. From the beginning, however, they're capable of slightly changing facial features, hair length, eye color and a few other "surface" details.

    Felis bloodline vampires are capable of transforming into a housecat from their first night but they maintain cat-like features even when they aren't in cat form... As such they generally remain in cat form.

    It's believed that at one point, Lamia were capable fo turning into snakes or "naga"-like creatures but since the waning of Magic during the middle-ages, they've lost the ability to do so.
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  • Do vampirekin/"human" vampires exist?
    Yes. Someone who was a vampire might be killed and because their curse wasn't fulfilled* their soul was able to reenter the Cylce of life/death/rebirth which means they would be reincarnated as a human (probably). However, the curse leaves an indelible mark on the soul which carries some effects with it into the next life and all lives thereafter.

    *the curse becomes "fulfilled" when a vampire kills a human via draining and has created a new vampire. Until then, their soul remains "tethered" to the cycle. Once the curse is "fulfilled" the vampire's soul is removed from the cycle and if they're killed, will become a part of the Myriad Eyes.
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  • Do vampire ghosts exist?
    This is really, really rare. It's difficult for human ghosts to manifest to begin with (most hauntings are just echos/psychic recordings with no will or though, just a moment in time replaying over and over for whatever reason) but there are very ocassionally ghosts that are the earthbound spirit of a vampire. There are also rare ocassions where a vampire's spirit becomes bonded to another vampire, usually because they were exsanguinated and their soul is still "connected" to their blood (referred to as a bloodbound spirit)
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  • Can vampires do magic?
    It depends on the type of magic. Mundane magic -- like the kind that real world witches and Wiccans do can be performed by anyone, including vampires. Inborn magic -- such as control of the elements, reality manipulation and etc., are far more difficult for vampires to utilize. There are very few vampires capable of doing these things that aren't a part of the Stryzga line and even that is very specific magic.
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