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The Origins of Vampirism...

In the time before time, there were the primordial deities -- the beings that would split into every god and goddess in existence, entities of great power that shaped the universe and the world that we live in today. One such being was Night -- who ruled over the hours of darkness and presided over the ordering of the stars and planets, consort of Moon and Hunt.

Night saw that humans were largely afraid of Her domain, that they feared the other creatures who walked the dark and could not protect themselves very effectively from many of these creatures and she felt pity for them. She wanted for every being that existed to be able to enjoy the tapestry she had woven in the immense darkness of the sky.

And so, Night, with the help of Hunt and Moon, would create a blessing for those most devoted of humans who felt most at home during the hours of darkness. They would be given claws and fangs like the animals that frightened them, eyes that could see with nothing but starlight, enhanced strength and speed, the ability to heal from almost any wound, the ability to subsist only on the blood of the animals they killed and a seemingly endless lifespan. In return for the blessing, they would have to forsake Day andprotect their human brethren from the other predators that dwelled in the darkness of Night. They were also given the ability to gift this state of being to those they most loved so that they might share the beauty and joy of Night with others.

After a time, a new Entity entered the world -- a being that came from beyond the boundaries that the primordial deities protected and maintained. Something that did not belong in the world. A being known as The Myriad Eyes. It corrupted the stars, corrupting Night and Moon and turning them into Stars like Eyes and The Watching Eye... This corruption in turn affected Night's Chosen -- they became possessed of the same endless hunger as the Myriad Eyes and were driven by this endless hunger to abandon their duty to protect humans and instead, hunt them down and feed upon them. In addition to this endless hunger, the corruption of the Myriad Eyes drove the Chosen to infect as many as possible with their "blessing"...

In a great war, the primordial deities would split The Myriad Eyes into spirit, mind and body, separating the three and, in essence, "killing" it. In doing so, they were also forced to "kill" Night and Moon, using the last of their power to create new Deities to take their place. The death of Night and Moon would complete the process by which Night's Blessing became the modern day curse of vampirism. Deprived of their divine font, the Chosen died -- but the influence of the Myriad and their endless lives prevented their souls from leaving the mortal plane and returning to the Cycle of Reincarnation, leaving them trapped in bodies that were neither dead nor alive and yet both.

Over the centuries, the curse mutated and changed, splitting into multiple bloodlines. In the modern era, only seven of these bloodlines still exist: Nightingale, Revenant, Siren, Stryzga, Ancient, Lamia and Felis... Along with the pseudo-bloodline, Feral.

The Origins of Vampirism
General Vampiric Traits
A Note on "The Veil"
The Curse
The Change
The Hunger
Vampiric Relationships

The Bloodlines

The Nightingales
The Revenant
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