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The Nightingale Bloodline
Sophistication, Nobility, Excellence, Beauty, Stability and Preservation

The Nightingale considers herself the very best of her kind, the Nobility of the Night and as such, considers it her duty to work towards the betterment of vampirekind. Whether this is by bringing the best, brightest, most talented or wealthiest mortals into the vampiric fold, fostering her position within the Nightingale Court or, should she be more violently inclined, working to protect vampirekind from its many enemies.

The Nightingale dedication to the preservation of vampirekind has been, through the ages, the source of a great deal of strife within vampire society as they will ruthlessly pursue and eliminate anything they consider a threat -- including entire vampiric bloodlines. Because of this history, the Nightingale is distrusted and disliked by all other vampiric bloodlines, though they are particularly disliked and even feared by the Siren and Felis bloodlines.

Nightingale Society...

While the Nightingale may engage in near constant socialization when out in public, when it comes time to retire from court, a Nightingale will greatly value her privacy... At times, Nightingales who share the same maker or have built strong enough bonds of trust will form a coven or, as it is usually called, a Family.

In larger cities, these Families (and any individual Nightingale within the city), are organized into Courts, presided over by a King or Queen who bestows favor or disfavor according to their liking. A Nightingale Monarch is generally whoever was able to take the position and keep it while the Court is forming and the role will not change hands until the Monarch is deposed using violent means. Since Nightingales value stability and view the death of fellow Nightingales to be abhorrent, these coups are relatively rare.

Nightingale society is highly structured and heirarchical, resembling the aristocratic class systems of Medieval Europe. They have elaborate social rules and etiquette and their nightly gatherings creat a constantly shifting landscape of who's In, who's Not and Who is Not To Be Associated With. Lavish parties and celebrations are a common feature of Nightingale culture, and a member of the Nightingale Court likely has a completely packed social calendar... Provided they actually participate in court activities. There are some Nightingales who prefer to avoid the Court altogether, save for major events.

Nightingale Appearance...

Even without the protection of the Veil, the Nightingale is difficult to distinguish from mortals having only a few traits that signal their true nature to thoes who see them: Like all vampires, the Nightingale's eyes are strikingly bright with both a catlike, slittled pupil and a tapetum lucidum -- a reflective layer at the back of the retina that allows them to see in near total darkness. In low lighting, the slightly luminous and brightly colored irises of the Nightingale may even appear to glow faintly.

The fangs of the Nightingale are smaller and more delicate than that of other vampires, though they are still larger and sharper than a human's canine teeth. When the Nightingale's emotions are sufficiently roused, these fangs can extend to nearly twice their original length. Some Nightingales also have sharper and more prominent outer incisors. The Nightingale also possesses retractable claw-like fingernails.

The skin of a Nightingale is incredibly clear and soft and usually several shades lighter than it had been during their Mortal life. Unlike many other bloodlines, the Nightingale's skin does not appear to be ashen, sickly or bloodless, rather being bright and highly saturated -- though often with a cooler undertone compared to a mortal of similar coloration.

Nightingale Hunting & Feeding...

The Nightingale generally prefers to hunt in social settings -- clubs, bars, concerts and parties. This i because thes anti-coagulent venom produced by the Nightingale has neurotoxic properties which produce a euphoric, almost orgasmic state in their victims which allows them to pass their feedings off as necking or making out, allowing them to go unnoticed in these sorts of places. Once bitten, the Nightingale's victim will remain in a suggesstible, almost drugged state that can last to up to an hour after being fed upon.

While it's not uncommong for Nightingales to hunt for fresh prey nightly, they may also maintain a small herd of humans to feed upon rather than risk failing to find new prey.

Abilities & Weaknesses of the Nightingale Bloodline...s

Like any vampire, the Nightingale is capable of superhuman feats of strength, speed and stamina, as well as having incredibly acute senses. What sets her apart, however, is the Nightingale's considerable mastery of mental manipulation -- from a gaze that can entrance mortals to telepathy and the implantation of incredibly complex hypnotic suggesstion the Nightingale can bend just about any mortal to her will and can even use these powers on other vampires, provided her own will is strong enough to overpower her victim's.

The Nightingale is also the least sensitive to light among the "Common" bloodlines, waking as the sun sets and falling into deathly slumber just as it rises. Some Nightingales are even able to spend time awake during the daylight hours in a well-shaded room.

The weakness of the Nightingale Bloodline is that their dedication to stability often means that they have the greatest difficulty of all bloodlines in breaking free from harmful cycles and are the most likely to develop rigid, unyielding habits -- becoming incredibly distressed when those cycles are disrupted.

This also means that the Nightingale is more likely to have difficulty in adapting to the ever-changing world around them, becoming prone to losing their ability to blend in with Mortal society over time as they become further and further "out of date".

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