Original Vampire Mythos: The Change

The Ritual of Transformation:

The Ritual of Transformation is generally a very personal thing – each vampire has their own feelings about the Change and how best to prepare their potential progeny for the horror that will occur.

However, there is a specific process that must occur: the vampire will drain their potential progeny to the point of death and then feed the now dying mortal two to three pints of their own blood – this is actually the most crucial part of the process, as there are multiple ways it can go wrong:

  • If the vampire takes too much blood from their potential fledgling, the mortal will simply die at this point, unable to be sustained by the vampiric blood entering their system.

  • If the vampire does not take enough blood from their intended progeny, the transformation will not occur – instead, the mortal will be partially imparted with the curse, becoming more and more erratic and obsessed with blood/life as time goes on, desperately trying to get more blood but being unable to do so as their body is not designed to obtain or digest blood. They will also likely become entirely obsessed with the vampire who attempted the transformation. (This is often referred to as Renfield Syndrome)

  • If the vampire does not give enough blood to their intended progeny, they will either die during the transformation process OR become what is known as a “feral” – losing all semblance of a personality, conscience or sentience, becoming only a ravening beast, hungry for blood and under the full control of the vampire who created them (See Sire/fledgling relationships)

Generally speaking, the mortal will lose consciousness just after the initial blood exchange, appearing to die and the being resurrected as the curse begins to take hold, this heralds the beginning of the Change.

The Change:
The Change itself can take anywhere from a few hours to a over a week to occur, though for the average mortal, it will last only three days. This transformation occurs in several distinct phases:

Phase One:
Occurs immediately after the intended progeny regains consciousness after their initial “death”… During this phase, the body begins to make minor changes to itself, guided by the curse. The soon-to-be vampire will have a weak, rapid pulse and shallow respiration during this phase… They will also experience the following:

  • Feelings of dread and gnawing hunger and a lack of satisfaction with normal food, though the vampire is still capable of eating mortal food at this point without difficulty.

  • An uptick in impulsivity and a decrease in self-control

  • Severe headaches, largely located behind the eyes and in the sinuses

  • Increased sensitivity to light, sound and smell (frequently mistake for a migraine)

  • Minor Full Body Ache

Phase Two:
When phase one passes, the transformation begins to ramp up and the body begins making more dramatic changes. The heartbeat will slow at this point and the respiration will slow to match it. Their preexisting symptoms will intensify rapidly and the following begin to present:

  • Severe Nausea and some vomiting. The soon-to-be vampire will be utterly repulsed by the idea of food at this point, possibly vomiting the instant they are confronted by it.

  • Severe toothache (specifically the canines and lateral incisors)

  • Severe pain in the roof of the mouth

  • Massively increased irritability and likelihood to lash out violently

  • Mood swings

Phase Three:
At this point, the mortal body has died and the curse is the only thing keeping the transforming vampire going. The body undergoes massive changes at this point as the curse transforms mortal functions into vampiric ones. As before, the existing symptoms continue and intensify, though the soon-to-be vampire may have difficulty staying conscious at this point and may try to sleep off the pain…The following symptoms will begin to occur:

  • Severe aversion to all light, natural and artificial

  • First Degree Burns if exposed to sunlight

  • Vomiting Blood and Viscera

  • Loss of Canines and lateral incisors (sometimes includes primary incisors and premolars, depending on the person – most vampires will have a similar fang configuration to their Sire)

  • Intense stomach cramps

  • Lack of heartbeat

  • lack of respiration

  • Bleeding from the eyes and nose

  • intense full body weakness

And finally, full loss of consciousness…

Phase Four:
Provided the Sire gave their soon-to-be fledgling enough blood, the newly born vampire will return to consciousness at this point – ravenously hungry and with no memory of who they are and almost no awareness of their surroundings. The newborn will seek out the nearest source of blood and, most times, completely drain them, thus killing the mortal. Ideally, the vampire responsible for the Change will be there to guide the newborn, placing a mortal in the path of their new child. If not, the newborn may not be able to find a source or may wreak havoc across the place in which they were Changed. If the newly reborn vampire doesn’t feed before morning, they will likely never awaken from the deathlike slumber they fall into at dawn.

In Conclusion:
The Process of the Change is physically excruciating and psychologically painful – both long and short transformations being incredibly traumatic for different reasons: the rapid and relentless progression of stages in a short Change can cause the newborn vampire to entirely lose themselves, driven temporarily insane by the intense pain. Whereas a slow Change, often results in a newborn that is far more desperate for blood, delirious and forced to drain multiple victims in order to survive.

Due to this intense trauma, many vampires cannot consciously remember their Change and some even forget their First Nights (though most will remember it on a subconscious level and will often suffer nightmares about their Change and First Nights for decades afterwards).

These things can put on a enormous strain on the relationship of the both the elder and the fledgling… The effects of which will be explored in an upcoming post on Sire/Fledgling relationships…

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