The Midnight Court

The Kingdom of Night is a harsh and difficult place to live -- plunged into eternal darkness by a catastrophic magical calamity five thousand years ago, the land is snowy, cold and full of monsters.

Valeryan Serafir, bastard son of the Marquis of Zmierchov has played his father's spy and assassin for almost as long as he can remember, desperately trying to gain his father's approval and to gain the place in society that his half-human, half-vampire heritage has denied him. Sent to the royal capitol of Nightwatch, Valeryan has been tasked with removing his father's opposition within court, by any means necessary...

But will Valeryan be able to carry out his father's orders to seduce and assassinate the charismatic, clever and incredibly handsome Marquis Emeryk Nachtenov? Or will he discover that he has desires of his own beyond earning his title?

The Midnight Court is an erotic fantasy romance starring a queer, transgender protagonist. Its main focus is intended to be court intrigue with some traces of cosmic horror and the budding romance (?) between Valeryan Serafir and Emeryk Nachtenov. The story takes place in my original fantasy world of Luminaria and is set in the vampire nation known as the Kingdom of Night.

Some notes:There will be transphobia and homophobia in this setting as well as some other genuinely uncomfortable things like the enslavement of non-vampires, probably some murder and definitely some noncon or dubious consent. I enjoy writing things that are dark and painful but where the protagonist finds some sort of sanctuary from that pain with found family or romantic partners.

Chapters will be released to Members Only as I complete them.

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