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Welcome to the Sanguine Sanctem, my name is Rozario (aka Roz). This is my little private corner of the internet -- a place where I can freely be myself and freely share things without the worries of corporate censorship or social media bullshit.

Most of this site is pretty chill but the writing section may contain stuff that's a little bit uncomfortable or disturbing! Check out
my blog for personal updates or the Vanity for selfies!

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02/11/2022 - Added "Vampirism" to the shrine section of "More Links" and wrote up an essay about why I consider myself a vampire. Also made a blog post "Karaoke Selfies".
02/10/2022 -
Updated my personal blog ("Some Personal Updates"), added MC builds and Chronicles links to the "gaming" section of More Links. Did a bunch of tweaking to the index page. Joined Yesterweb Ring and the Hotline Webring!
02/10/2022 pt. 2 - Changed up the home page.
02/05/2022 - Updated More Links page, added new stories to Short Stories in writing, changed character profiles, updated Character Directory, added "Moodboards" and "Playlists" sections to "More Links"
01/28/2022 - Finished changing layout on all pages. Added new "Ruined Date" to short story section of writing.
01/27/2022 - Changed site URL from ex-rosa-per-noctem to rozariosanguinem. Site will no longer use frames. Added custom cursor and scrolling title. Added new affiliate buttons for new URL.
12/29/2021 - Continued updating the site theme.
12/28/2021 - Changing the site theme/style.
8/25/2021 - Added "Nightingale", "Revenant", "Siren" and "Stryzga" bloodline inforrmation pages, more homepage tweaking; added page "Adam" and "Laurent" to character list.
8/24/2021 - Added "Vampire Mythos Index", continued tweaking of the home page.

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