Shine Home
A collection of shrines to various things that I love and care about -- whether that be my vampirism or something else, that depesnds. Arranged according to category. Each of these pages deviates from the main theme of the website as an FYI!

Media & Other Mundanity
The Media Room - A place to list the various media that has made an emotional impact on me or that I Just Severely Vibe With
Gerry Keay - This will be a shrine to my beloved Gerry Keay from the Magnus Archives. This man can fit so much projection (from me)
Zexion - This will be a shrine to my favorite character from the Kingdom Hearts series who may very possibly be the catalyst for my discovering that I am transgender.
Pride - Just a little place to show my Pride

The Morrigan - A shrine to my first patron deity, the Morrigan.
Lilith - A shrine to Lilith, one of my primary patrons. This shrine has not yet been completed.
Lucifer- A shrine to Lucifer, one of my primary patrons. (WARNING: this shrine will burn your eyes)
Grandmother - aka,Baba Yaga. Not exactly a patron but a part of my ancestor worship. This shrine has not yet been completed.
Vampirism - My otherkin identity and a hugepart of my gender identity. Will also eventually have a sub-section dedicated to vampirism as ancestor worship.
Spirituality - this is going to go into my spirituality and the ways I practice (will have sections dedicated to witchcraft as well)

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