Est. 1788 • Population: About 350,000 • Location: Somewhere North of San Francisco

If Los Angeles is the City of Angels then Santa Marta is the city of the Fallen; damaged, dangerous and aching for a return to former glory.

While it was founded in the late 18th century… Santa Marta didn’t really reach its stride until the Gold Rush of the 1840s – by 1860 it was a rapidly growing, bustling metropolis, a shining beacon that attracted all kinds to its streets: artists, craftsmen, lawmen, lawbreakers, treasure seekers and luck makers… More than anything, though, Santa Marta attracted the Supernatural and by 1890, it boasted of quite possibly the largest population of supernatural creatures in the United States…

But Santa Marta’s glory wasn’t meant to last – the Big Quake of 1906 hit the city hard and it would never quite recover. For whatever reason, any aid that may have come to Santa Marta would always be redirected elsewhere (often to San Francisco, fueling a one-sided rivalry between the two cities) and the very soul of the city seemed to change, growing darker and ever more violent…

Still, people of all kinds find themselves drawn to the blighted and struggling city and also find themselves unable to leave once they’ve set down roots in its tainted ground… whispers abound in the city of something that sleeps far, far beneath the city surface… And more recently, whispers suggest that it may be waking up.

When the tech boom hit, it would breathe fresh life into Santa Marta’s shambling corpse – causing a sudden population boom and a desperate scramble to revitalize the city’s infrastructure… But no amount of fresh pain can hide Santa Marta’s rotting soul nor hide the fact that the city has the highest murder rate per capita of any city in the United States… No tourist board spin can fix the corrupt and ineffectual local government, the ever-growing presence of dangerous supernatural cults or the looming threat of “The Myriad Eyes”. And nothing can hide the slow, creeping dread that suffuses the city.

A city caught between rampant growth and steady decay, opulence and destitution, torn between the opposing worlds of the Mundane and Supernatural Santa Marta never stays quiet for long and whatever goes bump in the night bumps harder in Santa Marta.

  • The Nightingale Court of Santa Marta
    The largest group of vampires in the city. Headed by Queen Miranda Cortez.

  • The Bram Park Wolf Pack
    One of the biggest werewolf packs in Santa Marta. Sticks mostly around the Bram Park neighborhood. Allied with the Nightingale Court and the Revenants.

  • The Revenants of Santa Marta
    A loose collection of smaller groups that have strong family bonds. Might actually have more members than the Nightingale Court but no one knows for sure.

  • The Cult of the Myriad Eyes
    Somewhere between a religious movement and a street gang. The Cult of the Myriad Eyes is dedicated to a deity known as "MEWM" which is rumored to be "sleeping" beneath the city.

  • The Cult of the Watchful Moon
    A sister cult to the Myriad Eyes. The Cult of the Watchful Moon worships an aspect of MEWM known as the Watchful Moon. Behind quite a few of the missing persons cases in the city.

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