♰ Rules of Engagement ♰

  1. No Minors
    Sorry but I'm an adult and roleplaying with minors makes me really viscerally uncomfortable.

  2. Please do not kill/harm my muse without asking permission.
    This is from the old days -- no godmodding, basically.

  3. IC =/= OOC
    Florian's views do not reflect my own. He's got a really fucked up set of morals and may say/do things that I very much do not agree with. He's a horrible little bastard-shaped thing.

  4. If you want to do a long-term storyline, please DM me!
    I am 100% up for actual storylines/plots involving characters, just hit me up!

  5. Don't rush me for replies.
    It might take me awhile to reply -- my inspiration for roleplaying can be really intermittent. If you think I've forgotten a thread, feel free to let me know, however!

  6. This blog contains disturbing content!
    This is a vampire the masquerade RP blog, which means that it may well include some deeply uncomfortable topics including but not limited to: violence, murder, gore, body horror, loss of self control and etc., For Florian specifically, there may be occasional mentions of transphobia and homophobia, including the use of slurs and/or misgendering and deadnaming.

  7. Don't fucking subtweet/vaguepost about me.
    If you have an issue, please hit me up in private and we can talk about it. Do not vague post about me.

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