Florian Mihael Lazarescu
"young, dumb and full of blood"
22 ? he/him ? 14th Gen/Thinblood ? Anarch ? RIP November 30th 2021 ? Santa Marta, CA, United States

Nicknames: Flor, Florie, Flower
Birthday: March 22nd
Gender: Trans Man
Sexuality: Gay
Occupation: "Courier" (sells prescription drugs for his father)
Height: 5'5
Hair: White/Blonde
Eyes: Pale Violet w/Reddish Violet Pupils
Education: Highschool Graduate (via private tutoring)

? Psyche ?

Personality: Florian is impulsive, selfish and not exactly the brightest crayon in the box. He can be standoffish, especially with people he doesn't already know via his extensive web of contacts via the Lazarescu-[REDACTED] family in Santa Marta. He can be incredibly sarcastic and even mean if the right mood strikes him. He's not good at taking things seriously and tends to play everything off as a joke or as if it doesn't really bother him... Until whatever's been upsetting him starts to eat away at him too much and he breaks down... He tends to try to run away from his problems as much as possible, rather than face them head-on.

Florian has a lot of difficulty actually emotionally connecting to people, even when he trusts them or cares about them -- resorting to sarcasm and antagonistic teasing to distract from the depth of his feelings. The truth is, he's really just afraid to lose people or find out that they're not actually interested in him but rather, that they just want something from him. Whether that's to get close to his father or something else, he's never sure but he keeps most people at arms' length for that reason.

When it comes to romantic relationships, at least, the long term ones, Florian is clingy and wants to spend as much time as possible with that person. If they're alone (or somewhere he feels safe) he's not shy about sharing little bits of affectionate dialogue and sweet nothings. It takes a lot for him to actually admit to the intensity of his feelings.

The thing is that under the surface he's actually a hopeless romantic and cares really deeply for the people that he actually lets into his life and who he actually lets see his internal worlds. He's not shy about physical affection, though, and will be physically affectionate and flirty pretty much all the time. Even in scenarios where it's not at all appropriate. He tends to be a little bit antagonistic/teasing/bullying when he flirts with his partners and will start to lose his nerve if anything gets too "real" (i.e., genuine). He's really deeply emotionally repressed and doesn't seem to quite know how to deal with that.

Strengths: Charming, adaptable, spontaneous, loyal, tenacious, fun-loving, passionate, whimsical, loving, self-confident, good at keeping secrets
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, selfish, bad at taking things seriously, poor self-control, loyal to the wrong people, thrill-seeker, addictive personality, overly sarcastic, emotionally distant/bad at expressing his real feelings, can be incredibly rude, suspicious and slow to trust
Goals: Get his family out of their contract/alliance with the Sabbat.
Fears: Being alone, losing his family, actually dying, responsibility.

Likes: Poetry, coffee, astrology, parties, cooking, photography, junk food, 90s/2000s techno and europop, casual sex,
Dislikes: Serious situations, responsibility, fleshcrafting, garlic, the camarilla, loose pants
Frenzy Triggers: Being misgendered, seeing his loved ones in danger, insult to his Family

? Relationships ?

Family: Nikolai Lazarescu (Father), Unknown (Mother, Deceased?)
Lovers: Viktor Dimitrov (current), Damien Blackwell (Sire)
Friends: Rya Rowan (Coterie Member), Rory Rowan (Coterie Member), Rian Rowan (Coterie Member)
Coterie: Andrew Gallagher, Sigrun Hellsdottir, Wayland the Warhound
Enemies: Likely anyone that his father and their Family have fucked over in the past, Iulian Pavel, Adrian [Redacted] (former fiance)

? Bio ?

Birthplace:Bucharest, Romania
History:Florian was born in Bucharest, Romania, to Nikolai Lazarescu, a mid-level boss in the [redacted] clan of the Romanian Mafia and Florian knows absolutely nothing about his mother beyond the fact that she died shortly after Florian was born. Nikolai kept the child, seeing a chance to leverage possible future connections for power using "her". When Florian was six years old, he was set up in an arranged marriage with Adrian [Redacted], a fifth cousin whose direct family had connections both with those higher in the organization than Nikolai but other organizations that Nikolai wanted a connection with. Adrian was the son of Nikolai's direct boss as well.

All of his childhood, Florian was taught by tutors and largely isolated from the world outside of his Family. When he was thirteen, desperate to get "out" more he found his way into the party scene (and what there was of the goth scene) in Bucharest at the time. He also developed a crush on his father's enforcer/right hand (who was also often tasked with protecting Florian) -- Viktor Dimitrov.

At sixteen, Florian's father was sent to Santa Marta (along with all of his direct underlings and Florian) to further some project their organization was working on in the city -- Florian has no real information on what that project was, however... Seeing an opportunity to create a life that was more in line with what he wanted, Florian came out as trans at this time -- making it clear that he would *not* cooperate with being cast as Nikolai's daughter *or* marrying Adrian, breaking off their engagement in an incredibly public and *rude* way (basically, sent Adrian a text telling him a) that Florian was not a girl and b) that he had no interest in staying with Adrian and that he wanted the other boy to "fuck off").

Nikolai, being ever the opportunist, decided that having a son could be just as useful as having a daughter and was initially...mostly supportive -- funding whatever changes Florian wanted to make to himself... Unfortunately for Nikolai, Florian had absolutely no interest in taking his father's position in the future -- not due to any lack of loyalty to the Family but because he didn't think he had the smarts/cleverness to be in any position of power within the organization and caring too much about its well-being to put it at risk like that.

Prior to the Chronicle, Florian has been dating Viktor for the past two years (though the relationship has been very open) and working as a low-level pusher for the organization. He was Embraced accidentally by a 13th generation Toreador named Damian Blackwell and abandoned in a hotel room.

He was discovered by his current coterie when they were sent to deal with a poacher in the area by the baron of Bram Park, Ravi. He's been with them about four months now and is still trying to figure out what to do with his human (and mostly in-the-dark) boyfriend.

? Favorites ?

Favorite Color: Oxblood, Black, Hot Pink
Ideal Weather: A foggy day in late fall when the air has a slight bite to it.

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