♰ About the Mun ♰

  • Roz

  • 30

  • Eastern United States (EST/GMT -5)

  • He/Him

  • mspec gay

  • anti-censorship

  • polyam but in a committed triad.

I'm Roz. I'm a writer and RPer from the Eastern US. I've been roleplaying online since the early 2000s and started doing para RP on gaiaonline in 2003. Mostly, I've RPed with close friends or my partners but I've been wanting to branch out and RP with more people. Previously on tumblr, I roleplayed on @paranmesiax or on @sanglantromantique/@brokenmirrorbaby/@omnesvidentes. Those blogs are still up but none of them are active any more.

If you want to check out my multimuse blog, it's Eventide Spirits -- which is entirely open RP (as is this blog) so don't be afraid to just hit me up!

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