My spotify playlists. These have a lot of repetition in them because I get into certain ~vibes~ with my music and stick with it for long periods of time.

Nocturnal Creatures Playlists:
Playlists I made for my novel, Nocturnal Creatures.
{Will Anyone Ever Love Me?} - Morgan's Playlist
{It's All Lies Darling} - Adam's Playlist
{Eyes Like Honey} - Lee's Playlist
{The Golden Thread} - Morgan and Lee's Playlist
{The Bloody Thread} - Adam and Morgan's Playlist
Nocturnal Creatures - Just a generic playlist for the book.

Novel Setting Playlists
The Midnight Court - A playlist I created to set the mood for my novel, the Midnight Kingdom.
Luminaria - A playlist I created for setting the mood for my fantasy world, Luminaria (which is the setting for the Midnight Court

OC Playlists
Playlists for my OCs
{Don't Mention J*hnny R*tten} - A playlist for Alex Hyde
Laci's Broken Mirror Mix - A playlist for Laci Lydia Brighton-Lee
{Hunt the Hunters} - A Playlist for Andi Vega
V5 Florian Playlist - This one doesn't have a fancy title.

Kinfeels Playlists
I'm fucking otherkin, okay, I have playlists for this.
? Violent Delights and Bloodstained Nights ? - My vampirekin mix for 2022
Vitae and Velvet - 2021's Vampirekin Mix
Blood and Brocade - 2019/2020's Vampirekin Mix
Neon Lights and Endless Nights - A Cyberpunk Inspired Vampirekin Mix

Other Playlists
Karaoke Jams - Songs I sing at Karaoke
Gothcore Vibes - Semi-Nostalgia Themed Goth Playlist
After Dark - The playlist I usually listen to while working on NSFW artwork
Horror Vibes - Instrumental Playlist I put together for working on horror-themed work.
Dark Aesthete Vibes - Mostly Classical Playlist I put together to listen to to fall asleep.

Devotional Playlists
Some devotional playlists + my magic playlist
Ave Lilith: Mother of Abominations - A devotional playlist I made for Lilith in 2020. Based around how she's depicted in Diabolist sources as opposed to Judaism.
Battle Cry: The Morrigan Devotional - A playlist for the Morrigan (specifically her aspect as the chaos on the battlefield)
Witchy Workings - playlist for doing magic. haven't used this in awhile.
Love the Night - not for a deity but a playlist I made for my partner, Noxernia.

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