Nocturnal Creatures

Santa Marta meant one thing to Morgan Kendrick: freedom. Escaping to the infamous Northern California metropolis after running away from her strict Evangelical family and a bad reputation in the Richmond Suburb she'd called home for most of her life, Morgan Kendrick harbored dreams of finally becoming her own person, free from her father, free from her reputation and free from the oppressive influence of the Church... But beneath all that, she held a secret dream: of finding her One True Love...

One night at the popular Velvet Box nightclub, Morgan Kendrick finally seems to have found him in a golden-eyed, dark-haired man named Adam Freemont... But while it seems like all of her dreams are finally coming true, Morgan is about to be embroiled in the dark, supernatural underbelly of a city sometimes known as Santa Muerte.

Santa Marta meant one thing to Lee Bardot: A new start. The city may have the highest murder rate per capita in the United States and it may be crawling with leeches but... it's far, far away from Ontario and the darkness of his past. At least, that was what Lee thought.

When a coterie of vampires starts leaving messages for his pack in the form of disturbingly familiar twisted corpses, Lee quickly discovers that his past stretches back farther than he ever thought and that it's impossible to escape from the strings of fate, no matter how far you run.

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Horror, Edgy Gothic Bullshit, Erotica

Content Warnings: Murder, gore, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, Body Horror, Emotional Manipulation/Gaslighting, Mind Control, Dubious Consent, blood kink and some BDSM elements

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