Chaos on the Battlefield, The Washer at the Ford, The Phantom Queen, The War Crow
Goddess of War, Death and Fate



The Morrigan is the first deity to ever call to me -- all the way back when I was about nine or ten years old. My mother had, for a short time, gotten into Wicca and from that, I had learned about The Lord and The Lady, though most of my prayers simply went to "The Goddess". I was often a scared and lonely child, fighting battles against demons that I neither understood nor could I name. Depression found me at a very young age, most people don't have their first suicide attempt at ten

But I offered my fear, my pain and my tears up to "The Goddess" regularly, and I always felt her listening in a way that I never felt the Christian God listening to me. I could feel her like a warm presence in my chest. She was always there for me.

When I came back to paganism and witchcraft in my early twenties, I came back to the Morrigan. I don't think she ever left, I think she was still with me -- knowing that someday I'd see through the lies my mother fed me and find my way back.

Hail to thee, O Morrigan!
Walk with me on this day,
Lead me across the battlefield,
Guide me through the flame,
Through the smoke and chaos of war,
I raise my voice to shout your name!

Hail to thee, O Morrigan!
May I meet my death with honor,
May you carry me from the field,
Grant me your strength to raise my sword,
Grant me your resilience to lift my shield.

Hail to the, O Morrigan!
My commander, my general, my Queen.


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