25 ☥ Cis Woman ☥ She/Her ☥ Vampire (Siren) ☥ Primary Universe: Nocturnal Creatures ☥ Hopeless Romantic Precognitive Baby Vamp

Sexuality: Bisexual Demiromantic
Birthday: October 25th
Residence: Santa Marta, California
Occupation: Night Barista at Eventide Coffee

Height: 5'4
Build: Thick and curvy. Small fat/US size 16/18. She has an exaggerated hourglass shape (50/36/50) with a high waist and long limbs. She has a pudgy/rounded lower belly and thick thighs.
Face Shape: A rounded heart/circle. She has the prominent cheekbones and hairline that come with the heart shape but has rounded cheeks and a soft jawline/a bit of a double chin so it looks a bit more like a circle than a heart.
Hair Color/Style: Morgan has long hair that reaches past her waist in a dramatic cascade of coppery ginger-red curls and waves (2b/2c curl pattern) it’s stupidly thick and has a ton of volume. She has several short, face-framing sections in the front and a side swept bangs. She parts her hair to the right and despite how much of a pain the ass it is, she usually wears it down. When it’s not worn down, she usually wears it in a messy bun or in a loose ponytail that’s pinned up haphazardly.
Skin Color/Texture: Surprisingly lifelike and full of color for a vampire though still incredibly pale and almost translucent with a faint yellow/golden undertone. She has a natural blush to her skin still and a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, her shoulders, her chest and a few on her butt and thighs. The texture of her skin is very clear and smooth – almost velvet-y soft to the touch.
Distinguishing Features: Morgan has a large, jagged scar on the back of her neck that stretches from behind the left ear and down to her left shoulder – a souvenir from a car accident in grade school. She also has a dramatically large chest.
Posture: Confident, shoulders back – Morgan stands up incredibly straight and has pretty much perfect posture (likely due to a lifetime of wearing a corset as a mortal). She has a rhythmic, almost sensual gait walking in 3/3 time as if she’s always dancing to a waltz that’s playing in her head. Wherever she goes, she commands attention and looks like she belongs…or at least that she’s standing out on purpose.
Voice: Morgan speaks in a deep, rich tone – sensual, husky and feminine with an affected “Trans-Atlantic” accent, which she’s taken on to hide her thick Appalachian accent. Her voice is particularly charming and enchanting. She has a pleasant singing voice as well, set solidly within the alto range.
Clothing Style:Goth and feminine with a femme fatale sort of vibe – Morgan likes bondage elements, lingerie as outerwear and the occasional hint of historical or vintage fashion thrown in. She thinks of fashion as a form of self-expression, rather than a form of conformity and prefers to dress eclectically, never following trends. Whatever Morgan is wearing, she makes it her own – whether thrifted, vintage or fast fashion. Very artsy and eccentric with a definite edge. Her wardrobe features a mix of florals and gothic elements: lace, leather, velvet, silk and mesh. Prominent colors are black, ruby red, dusty rose/blush pink and silver. She prefers dresses and skirts with stockings or leggings to pants, though she’s really fond of shorts and tights. Lots of low necklines, lots of cleavage and often a peek of a fancy lace or mesh bra. Purely to spite Coco Chanel, Morgan wears an excess of accessories – 2-4 necklaces and her wrists loaded with bracelets. She’s not particularly fond of rings, however. She prefers large, crossbody bags that have enough room for her sketchbooks and magic supplies. When she’s around the house, she usually wears matching pajama sets and robes.
Notable Mannerisms: Morgan tends to fidget quite a bit – playing with her necklaces or bracelets, nibbling at her fingernails, sometimes poking at her fangs/canines with her tongue. She also has a habit of playing with her hair: curling it around a finger, tugging at a lock, tucking it behind her ear, running her fingers through it, etc., When she’s particularly excited, she’ll sort of bounce in place. She also bites at her lower lip absent-mindedly quite a bit. When she’s extremely stressed or anxious, she has a bad habit of playing with/digging at the scar on the back of her neck, sometimes drawing blood without realizing it.

Social: Performance, Emotional Radar, Flirting, Social Media Management, customer service, Some Manipulation
Physical: Yellow Belt in Akido, dancing, modeling, corset making.
Talents: Singing, Sewing, Modeling, Fashion Design, Acting, Photography, drawing
Knowledges: Modern Witchcraft and Occultism, Traditional Irish Faerie Lore, Conversational French, Pattern Drafting, Photograph Developing, Fashion History, Art History, Lingerie Crafting, Photo Editing, Social Media Management
Hobbies: video games, gardening, drawing, people-watching, partying, makeup, fashion, social media, astrology, tasseomancy, other forms of “mundane” magic, interior decorating, collecting art/clothing
Supernatural: Precognition, can see/speak to ghosts, resistance to certain kinds of Fae magic, Emotional Influence/Transferrence, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Strength, Some Telepathy/Supernatural Empathy, highly enhanced senses, some faerie magic, sunlight resistance

Strengths: Passionate, compassionate and overall, kind. Morgan tries her best not to fall into the same patterns as other vampires, clinging desperately to her humanity. She’s flexible, spontaneous and adaptable. If given the chance, Morgan will absolutely put herself at risk to help someone else or take suffering onto herself to take it away from someone she cares about. She greatly values all life and has a strong code of ethics/morals. She’s charismatic, dedicated, fiercely loyal to those she trusts and tries her best to be honest.

Her greatest strengths however, are her self-confidence, her resilience and her unshakable conviction. Morgan knows that no matter what happens, she can and will pull out of it – and she’ll be stronger for the experience. She believes that love and kindness can make anything better and with enough of both, the world can be improved for everything that lives in it
Weaknesses: overly emotional, impulsive, stubborn. Vengeful, obsessive, competitive (esp with women she’s not attracted to), takes things personally, assumes the worst about people, slow to trust, doesn’t know when to stop. Impatient, curious to the point of nosiness and often anxious. Slow to trust new people but overly forgiving of loved ones and will sacrifice herself for them too much. Has a deep-seated mean-streak and can be incredibly spiteful if wronged – overall, can be incredibly childish. Not always a good listener. Overly indulgent, cannot say “no” to her preferred vices and throws herself to heavily into her passion projects. Is either so focused that she notices nothing else or cannot focus on anything at all. She’s also a compulsive flirt and can’t say “no” to a pretty face.
Goals: To learn how to contol her new powers/bloodlust, to better understand her new nature, to start a plus-size lingerie company and own her own brick and mortar boutique
Fears: Being alone, being abandoned, that her efforts are pointless, that she’s actually a monster deep down, being buried alive, losing her loved ones, losing her mind/sense of self to her curse, hurting others (especially without realizing she’s hurting them), being seen as monstrous, losing her art, becoming like her Sire.
Morals & Ideals: Morgan believes strongly in the value of creating and preserving both Beauty and Love – she believes that we can improve the world by making it more beautiful and that the purest expression beauty is love. At her core, Morgan has a strong moral code that centers reducing harm, creating joy/pleasure/beauty, uplifting the weak/suffering and being kind. In Morgan’s eyes, all beings have the right to live freely, to make their own choices as to their fate. She views (sapient) life as sacred and will do anything she can to ensure that others survive and desperately tries to avoid the risk of killing others.
Guiding Philosophy: Reduce harm wherever possible – never take a life unless you are forced to, avoid hurting others unless absolutely necessary (or they hurt you first). create and protect Beauty whenever and wherever you can. Spread joy and pleasure in whatever ways you can. Fight for the freedom of all beings, but especially yourself. Never apologize for who you are – only unnecessary harm done through your actions. Be compassionate, empathetic and loving because it is in loving and being loved that we learn to love ourselves – through loving others we might teach them to love themselves and teach them to be better. Do your best to protect your loved ones and help them in any way you can. Love is the thing that brings light to the darkness, that makes the pain worth bearing, that gives us strength when we are weak and hope when we are forlorn.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic, Snarky, dark and mischievous. She likes to tease the people she loves – gently (and sometimes not so gently) poking fun at them. She enjoys puns, wordplay and clever insults. At times her sense of humor can be incredibly dark and self-deprecating. She often makes jokes at inappropriate times or in inappropriate ways in an attempt to lighten the mood or distract herself from a bad situation. She’s also got a childish and silly side to her sense of humor that delights in pranks and terrible puns/wordplay.
Overall Personality: Morgan is a passionate, creative, friendly and fun-loving woman. She lacks the usual vampire self-obsession and pretentiousness but she’s utterly obsessed with Beauty and Aesthetics – along with the creation of her chosen arts. She’s good at making new friends but is slow to trust anyone fully. She is incredibly loyal and dedicated to the people she chooses to let into her life/heart. According to Morgan, being around her is a lot like being trapped on a merry-go-round: it’s fun, bright and exciting until you get bored with the ride – and then it makes you sick. In reality, or the most part, she’s very pleasant to be around – even if she’s often overly emotional and sometimes air-headed. Those who dislike Morgan often describe her as being “Too Much” – everything she does/feels she takes to the extreme which can be too intense for a lot of people. Morgan still shows a lot signs of her difficult upbringing and the trauma of her transformation and her Sire’s abuse. She often assumes people are angry with her or disappointed in her, she struggles to name her needs – resorting to lies and manipulation to get them met. She’s sometimes overly hard on herself and far too people-pleasing. However, these difficult beginnings have made Morgan particularly good at reading people.

Overall -- Morgan is a person of extremes. Everything is all or nothing; she’s empty or she’s exploding with feelings, she’s on top of the world or she’s down in the dumps. She does nothing by half measures and has little patience for anyone who does.
-In Love: Attentive, romantic and sometimes a little bit bossy or clingy. While Morgan prefers partners that take control, she also refuses to give up control to anyone who she doesn’t deem worthy. As such, she’ll often subject new partners to little “tests”. She’s incredibly flirty – even while in a committed relationship. However, Morgan won’t go past flirting with someone without explicit permission from her current partner. She’s physically affectionate and loves to brag about her partners. She can become very clingy, overly attached and dependent upon her partners once they pass her tests. She tries to tell herself she’s just incredibly dedicated. Despite being incredibly flirty, Morgan can be very possessive of her partners and woe to anyone she thinks is a threat to her relationship.
-Under Stress: Under stress, Morgan becomes far more irritable and distractable. She will start to lash out more often – both verbally and physically and can be incredibly mean and petty. She’s far more impulsive and prone to intensive emotional outbursts. she will throw herself more heavily into her vice and her passion projects. She will be become increasingly indulgent and hedonistic to the point of true decadence. Her impulsive and self-destructive tendencies also come to the surface quickly when she’s under stress, causing quite a bit of worry to those who care about her.
-Alone: Quiet and passionate – Morgan usually just loses herself to her passion projects or various vices when left on her on… When left alone too long, however, she has a distinct risk of beginning to isolate and become self-pitying, self-destructive and wallowing in her own misery – dwelling on things long gone. As such, she tries to avoid being alone for more than a few hours as much as possible (as unhealthy as that may be in the long run)

Best Memory: Moving into her grandmother’s house.
Worst Memory: Seeing her aunt Viv die in a roll-over car crash, waking up in the hospital after, when she had to be rushed out of class in Sophomore year because an ovary burst during Social Studies
Biggest Accomplishment: Getting one of her designs in a local boutique
Prized Possession: Her 2015 cherry red Mazda Miata Sport-RX that she bought for herself in celebration of being picked up as a designer for a local boutique.
Favorite Colors: Ruby Red, Blush Pink, Rose Gold, Silver and Emerald Green
Favorite Food: Black Forest Cake, Raspberry Cheesecake, Strawberries
Favorite Scents: Myrrh, Vanilla, Rose, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Clove and Freshly baked bread.
Favorite Songs: Problem - Natalia Kills, Precious Things - Tori Amos, Gunpowder & Lead - Miranda Lambert
Can't Leave Home Without: her tablet, her cell phone, her sketchbook

Birthplace: A small town in the Appalachians of West Virginia
Childhood: Born to an aspiring senator (Robert Kendrick) and his wife (Margaret-Anne Kendrick). It was a long and difficult pregnancy but Morgan was born full-term (if a bit blue and underweight) on October 25th. The earliest days that Morgan can remember of her life are mostly pleasant – spending a lot of time with her mother and her aunt, having her grandmother visit every summer, baking cookies and having her mother’s full attention.

When her father started to focus more fully on his career when Morgan was four, the family moved to a suburb of Richmond, which shook up Morgan’s life considerably and her father – who was already strict and overbearing, finally crossed the line from “toxic” to abusive. He turned to the Evangelical church to gain power and turned away from his Catholic upbringing which caused friction with his mother – although Margaret-Anne’s family would be ecstatic. Morgan, being a strong-willed, somewhat bossy and curious little girl who was too smart for her own good would find this change to be difficult to deal with and the more she tried to be the image of the perfect Christian daughter, the harder she found it to fit into that mold. Six months after the move, Morgan’s twin sisters were born and she was moved into the position of helping mommy care for her little sisters.

Morgan’s precognition started to manifest in the first grade with nightmares about a horrible car crash that she and her aunt get into while driving back from her aunt’s house in Kentucky… An accident that would result in her aunt’s death. Despite all of Morgan’s attempts to keep this from happening, the event would occur the summer between first and second grade and it would mark her for the rest of her life. This inability to stop the accident, combined with her inability to conform to the mold that those around her wanted to fit, she developed a view of herself as inherently flawed or wrong. After the accident, her mother would start to check out emotionally and the abuse Morgan received from her father would become drastically worse, moving from verbal and physical abuse to CSA.
Adolescence: Over the summer between 5th and 6th grade, puberty hit and it hit hard. Morgan, always a little bit of a chubby kid once she started putting on weight after her first six months suddenly found that she had gone from a chubby mostly flat chested eleven year old to a chubby twelve year old with more curves than she knew how to handle.

The sudden influx in attention from men (unfortunately, including her father) was horrifying for Morgan, who was normally starved for positive attention and felt she was to blame for the sudden increase in abuse and harassment… something the church encouraged.

Unsure of how to cope with the sudden changes, she became withdrawn and as she started to gain unfettered access to the internet, developed a strong interest in the occult. During this time, her visions and strong intuition continued to be a source of problems for her… She would make a few friends online and started dating a popular football player in Freshman year… But things would become dramatically worse her next year in highschool where she’d suffer from an ectopic pregnancy that burst while in class and nearly killed her – which lead to rumors flying and Morgan’s father – concerned for how she might ruin his reputation – sent her to live with her grandmother in California. When she got there, she’d end up starting to recover from the emotional damage she’d suffered and spent the rest of her teenage years mostly happy
Adulthood: Shortly after Morgan had turned 20, her grandmother died, leaving everything to Morgan in her will. This, understandably, nearly shattered Morgan. She spiraled into a deep depression, throwing herself into partying, drinking and drugs to cope. During this time, she met Adam Freemont at a local club and would fall deeply in love with him and she ended up revolving around him. Despite what a terrible person Adam is, he did help her start recovering from the death of her grandmother and her childhood trauma… Sort of. He pushed her to pursue her interest in fashion and art, and helped her overcome some of her issues with addiction. The pair of them would get picked up by a pair of Stryzga and ended up, essentially, becoming their pets.
Recent: Eventually, Adam made good on his promise and turned Morgan into a vampire. Unfortunately, her death caused all of the mind control and magical manipulation he had piled on Morgan over the years to break, allowing her to see that Adam had never genuinely loved her and had always considered her a sort of “project”… in order to escape, Morgan drained Adam and has since been haunted by his spirit.

Family: Robert Kendrick (Father, Estranged), Margaret Anne Kendrick (Mother, Estranged), Leslie Anne Kendrick (sister, estranged), Mary Lynne Kendrick (sister, estranged), Eliza Marie Kendrick (sister, estranged), Jennifer Lee Kendrick (sister, estranged), Suzanna Jane Kendrick (sister, estranged), Vivianne Watson (maternal aunt, deceased), Elizabeth Kendrick (grandmother, deceased)
Lovers: Adam Freemont (deceased, spirit bound), Matthew Williams (ex)
Friends: Laci Lydia Brighton Lee (coworker), Maggie Rodriguez
Enemies: Camille Belikova, Lucille DeSantos, Jonathan Anderson
Other: Patrick O'Loinsigh (Employer)

Income: Enough for a decent living
Vehicles: a cherry red 2015 Mazda Miata Sport RX
Residences: 1052 Magnolia St., Santa Marta (a turn of the century, three story with a small backyard, inherited from her grandmother

World of Darkness:

Strange Dreams Chronicle: 7th Generation Gangrel, Anarch Baron of Arkham, Massachussets
Seattle by Night Chronicle: 9th Generation Tremere, Childe of Seattle's Tremere Primogen, Camarilla
Cthulhu Chronicle: (NPC) 6th Generation True Brujah/Tremere, Childe of the Anarch Baron of Santa Marta, Living Vampire, Changeling
World of Darkness 2077 Chronicle: Lady of House Fiona, Clurichaun Wilder, Create Beauty Musing
Chicago Chronicle: 7th Generation Toreador, Anarch, Former Sabbat Ghoul
Vampblr Edition: 9th Gen Toreador Anarch, Born in 1865 (has a diff backstory but I don't feel like writing it out)

Other TTRPGs:

Dresden Files; Steelport: Faerie-Blooded Baby Wizard (mostly the same backstory and details except Adam is a White Court Vampire)
BTVS TTRPG: Vampire cursed to regain her soul, one of the few genuine friends of the Slayer in that universe, trying to redeem herself by helping the Slayer save the world.

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