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A collection of links that didn't fit in my sidebar. Any links that lead off this site will automatically open in a new tab <3

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Find me in other places online, like social media, via these links!

SFW Art TwitterNSFW Art TwitterPublic InstagramTumblr NSFW Art SiteRoleplaying TumblrSpicy Roleplaying TumblrArt TumblrSubeta

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Links to my online stores or other financial stuff.

Gumroad (18+)Art CommissionsKo-FiRedBubbleMy Etsy (currently closed)

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Information about the worlds that my stories take place in.

Original Vampire Mythos - Information about the vampires I created for my urban fantasy setting.
About Santa Marta - Information on the city I created for my novel, Nocturnal Creatures
The Creation Mythos and The Myriad Eyes - How was the world created♰ What the hell is the Myriad Eyes♰
The Functions of Magic - How Magic works in my urban fantasy setting.
About Luminaria - A Fantasy Setting that I originally made for D&D 5e that I'm in the process of porting over to Pathfinder 2e. Also the setting for any "medieval" fantasy type short stories I write (unless otherwise stated)

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My gaming stuff.

Minecraft ♰ Sims 4 ♰ Stardew Valley ♰ World of Darkness Character SheetsBFLMADG Chronicles

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Links to things that aren't mine.

VampirePDA - Source for some of the Blinkies in my Sidebar
Noxernia - my beloved datemate
GifCities - A searchable repository of Old Net Gifs
MyBlinkies - Make Blinkies
GlitterBoo - Make Sparkly Images
CBox - Comment Form Hosting
CCS Drive Palette Generator - Generate a palette (with hex codes) from an image (I LOVE this site, I use it for all of my web design)
BraveNet - Hosting for lots of various internet things.
Pookatoo - Generate Spooky Glowing Text
GlowTxt - Generate Glowing Text
Cool Text - Generate Cool Text Images
SadGrl - Source for some of the tiled backgrounds used in the various shrines!
Yesterweb - Fantastic Site

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If I didn't know where to put it, I put it here.

Webcomic (On Indefinite Hiatus)

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