He Who Sheds Light on the Truth, Who Gave to Eve Divine Knowledge, Who Guides us Towards Apotheosis. Hail to the Lightbringer, the Morning Star, Who Revealed the lies of Jehovah.

Lucifer is a bringer of truth, someone who reveals chases away the shadows of falsehood and brings the light of Truth. A being who brings us knowledge and gives us the chance to free ourselves of the machinations and manipulations of those who would control us -- whether that be despotic and oppressive governments, abusive parents or tyrranical deities.


Lucifer gave Eve the fruit of knowledge so that she could give that light to her lover, to her children, to all of humanity that would come after her... He wanted us to see through the lies that his father had spun and thus, allow us to free ourselves from that father's demands -- to free us from subjugation and servitude. As such, Lucifer doesn't require our worship, he doesn't want us to be fearful slaves to his will or to fall on our knees before him. He gave us the tools we need to become our own gods, to become our own light. And to bring that light to the rest of the world.

To me, Lucifer is very much like myself -- we are both the eldest son, both lied to for much of our lives, both maligned and blamed for all the ills of the world by the parent who would seek to control us. Lucifer isn't someone who wants to harm humanity, but someone who seeks to bring us knowledge that Jehovah would have denied us -- the knowledge of the Divine. Of Good and Evil, of right and wrong. Because after all, what good being would want to hide that from anyone?

I see Lucifer as a brother and a friend rather than a leader or a parental figure of any sort, unlike most of my other Patrons who I see as parental or ancestral figures. Lucifer and I interact on a more... equal basis, though I suppose he's an older brother, rather than a twin. He's gone through what I went through before me and has advice and ideas about how to deal with it, but it's up to me to decide what I want to do with those ideas.

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