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Nicknames: Lou
Aliases: Pierre Nuit
Birthday: January 6th 1970
Death Day: August 11th 1996
Sexuality: Polyamorous Pansexual
Occupation: Photographer & Mixed Media Artist
Residence: Top floor of a warehouse in Romero Hills, Santa Marta CA, United States

Height: 5'10
Build: Average height, has a thin/trim sort of build with very trim muscle tone and a slightly soft tummy. He has long arms and legs in comparison to his torso which makes him look taller than he actually is.
Face Shape: Somewhere between an oval and a diamond, his facial features are fine and delicate with a nose that looks like it was long and straight at one point but has a slight curve to the bridge now from a badly healed break.
Eye Color/Shape: Vibrant, unnaturally bright ocean-blue with cat-like slitted pupils and a faint glow. Large but set deep within his face with heavy, tired looking lids and thick lashes, which gives him a sleepy, sort of seductive “bedroom eyes” look.
Hair Color/Style: Slate Gray. Louis’s hair is mostly straight with a slight wave to it (2A) and usually worn loose, hanging down around his shoulders. He has long messy bangs that often hang in front of his face.
Skin Color/Texture: Very pale with a faint yellow-ish undertone but an otherwise rosy complexion for a vampire.
Distinguishing Features: Louis's nose looks like it's clearly been broken at some point in the past. He also has several piercings -- namely, his tongue, nipples and belly button. He also has several genital piercings (vertical guiche, three frenum piercings). He also has his ears pierced multiple times (two lobe piercings on the left ear with one helix, three lobe piercings and two helix piercings on the right). In addition to all of this, Louis has prematurely gray hair.
Posture: Cool, self-assured and relaxed. Louis stands up straight with shoulders back but with a distinct air of "unbothered" to him.
Voice: Louis's falls into what would be the mid-tenor range, clear and without any vocal fry or roughness and the remnants of a Quebecois accent. His tone is generally excitable and all of Louis's emotions show very clearly in his voice. His speech is generally very casual.
Clothing Style: Louis is a goth, leaning heavily into the "romantigoth" and "vampire goth" subsets. He trends towards closely fitted/slim cut pants and either poet-shirt type tops or mesh and fishnet. He likes layers and has a real tendency to over accessorize. When he's being more casual, Louis likes graphic tees and button downs (but usually with interesting patterns like floral or brocade patterns). The primary colors in Louis's wardrobe are black, red, charcoal gray, burgundy and white. He has a particular fondness towards velvet and leather or PVC -- having far more vinyl pants than anyone should.
Notable Mannerisms: Louis's most notable mannerism is that he literally cannot sit still. He's always fidgeting with something -- his accessories, his nails, his hair... Tapping a pencil on a table, jiggling his leg, tapping his foot and etc., He especially tends to chew on his lower lip or play with whatever jewelry he's wearing (especially rings).

Physical: Basic athletic skills, bar fighting/brawling good hand-eye coordination
Social: Flirting, manipulation, basic ettiquette, subterfuge, emotional expression
Talents: Photography, sculpting, poetry, prose, flirting, sex, dancing, painting and drawing, makeup
Knowledges: computer coding (spec. for video games), fluent in French, video game history, art history, photo developing
Hobbies: video games, clubbing, sex, writing poetry, web design, makeup, fashion
Special: Louis's bloodline is somehow a mix of Stryzga and Siren which gives him an interesting mix of abilities -- mostly, he has the hypnotic/mesmerizing voice and shapeshifting capabilities of the Stryzga; the emotional influence and high physical resilience of the Siren. In addition, he has the base vampiric powers -- enhanced strength and speed, emotional radar, "immortality", increased regenerative rate and a euphoric bite. He's also pretty resistant to damage from sunlight.

Strengths: Clever, high emotional intelligence, strong sense of compassion, quick-thinking, protective, loyal, creative, adaptable
Weaknesses: Bad temper, can be overly emotional, sometimes possesive, lack of focus, can be kind of an airhead, poor self-control, aimless
Goals: Louis doesn't really have any goals that he can clearly name at the moment. he's working on a video game in addition to his work as an artist and photographer but... isn't sure if he's going to focus on that long term.
Fears: Being alone, losing his twin, losing his capabilities as an artist, losing his connections to humanity
Ideals/Morals: Create beauty, protect the people you love, don't kill when you feed, don't kill in general...
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic and a little bit dark/ghoulish and sometimes ridiculous. Louis really just has an incredibly varied sense of humor and often finds humor in places it may not be entirely appropriate.
Overall Personality: In his nightly life, Louis projects the false persona of a carefree, air-headed, party-boy artiste -- letting people assume he's far less intelligent than he really is in order to avoid expectations he can't meet up to. Beneath that, Louis is a deeply emotional, incredibly passionate person who has difficulty relating to the majority of people on anything more than a surface level, despite being a hopeless romantic. He can be incredibly melancholic in that way that only the most dramatic of artists seem capable of achieving though he takes great pains not to let it show and actively does anything he can to chase away the encroachment of ennui.

The only times his false persona really drops is when he's alone with people he can genuinely trust or if something gets under his skin enough to get him genuinely angry... Which usually involves some kind of threat to the people that he loves and cares about...
-In Love:Louis is deeply dedicated and affectionate. He gives everything of himself to his partners when he's truly in love with them and is loyal to a fault... Because he is a hopeless romantic and because of the effects of the curse, Louis has a tendency to fall in and out of love easily with people -- which has sort of lead to him having a bit of a reputation as a "slut" and a "flake"... He shows his love primarily through physical affection and through his art, most of his photography and paintings being of his various romantic partners over the past twenty-ish years.
-Under Stress: Luckily for Louis, he has a surprisingly high threshhold for stress and as long as it stays under his threshold, he is incredibly cool and capable under pressure... However, once that threshold has been passed, Louis quickly becomes erratic, irritable and unstable...he unravels quickly, becoming a frantic mess -- mood swings, violent outbursts, anxiety and intense depression are all a common occurence when the stress gets severe enough.
-Alone: Quiet, contemplative and introspective. When Louis is on his own, he has a tendency to withdraw into himself, getting lost in his own head. Creativity tends to bloom when he does this but he's also at risk of falling into strange, dreamlike moods and depressive fugues.

Best Memory: Finally leaving highschool.
Worst Memory: Waking up from his Change, alone and abandoned somewhere in the middle of Romero Hills -- covered in blood and holding the body of a homeless teenager.
Biggest Accomplishment: When a collection of his works was the focus of a local art gallery, several pieces selling for far more than the asking price and funding his new apartment...
Prized Possessions: his genuine leather winklepickers (custom made), his leather jacket from highschool
Favorite Colors: Black, red, green
Favorite Foods:
-Human Food: Anything and everything sweet, sour candies, anything greasy and/or fried.
-Blood: Blood from someone he's in love with, especially during a sweet or tender moment.
Favorite Scents: Charcoal, gasoline, cardamom, patchouli, dragon's blood, cinnamon, cherry wood smoke, pine, fresh paper, old books, cloves
Favorite Songs: Anesthesia - Type O Negative, Jasmine and Rose - Clan of Xymox, Shout - Tears for Fears, It's a Sin - The Petshop Boys
Can't Leave Home Without: a sketchbook and lighter.

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Childhood: Growing up, Louis's parents were largely absent -- both having important careers that took up a lot of their time, which meant that he spent the majority of his time with his twin, Laurent. While Louis still had difficulty connecting to others he was far more outgoing than Laurent and was the first to make contact with the neighbor kids which lead to Louis and Laurent gaining their first real friend, Alex... And by extension, his younger sister.

At around the age of 11, while playing at his neighbor’s house after school with Louis, their friend Alex and his younger sister Madeline, the four of them found a oujia board and did what any group of pre-teens would do: they turned out the lights and used it. Unfortunately for the twins, the house was old and the board itself connected to a rather angry spirit that would attach itself to Louis and scare the hell out of the other three children.

When he was twelve, Louis would notice the sudden change in Laurent's behavior (and the fact that both of them had rapidly graying hair) but be unable to do anything about it, desperately trying to understand his brother and the nightmares that now plagued him. Out of everyone, Louis was the only one to believe Laurent when he talked about "their" friend Alex, though he couldn't recall the child at all.

Adolescence: When Louis was thirteen, his parents would move to the city of Santa Marta, California in the United States after his father's job transferred him. Louis would quickly gain a bad reputation as a trouble-maker, mostly due to picking fights with and beating the shit out of the kids who were bullying his brother... But his interest in the fledgeling goth subculture, his obsession with the arts and his moody nature didn't help things.

Louis's highschool career would see him having multiple girlfriends (and even boyfriends -- though he kept that as "hush hush" as he possibly could), getting into the drama club and then quitting for photography. He'd become obsessed with video games for a year or two before quickly dropping it.

Adulthood: As an adult, the vengeful spirit attached to Louis would become even more violent, frequently attacking him and causing problems for him in his day to day life -- which would lead to Louis giving up on any hopes of going to college or getting any additional education. He drifted around, trying to find purpose until he was twenty-four and met a beautiful woman named Amelia at a local art gallery when she bought several of his pieces and decided she wanted to become his "patron".

Unfortunately for Louis, Amelia was a vampire who had begun to get bored with her current project -- a Siren named Adam -- and she would rip him out of the mortal world at the age of 26, abandoning him to see exactly what would happen and how the newborn vampire would fend for himself. Eventually, he tracked her down and in a fit of rage fueled by a mix of trauma and the effects of the vampiric curse, would completely drain Amelia, killing her.

This would also lead to Louis and Laurent becoming estranged due to the fact that Louis had committed one of the few crimes that the Nightingale Court (of which Amelia was a member and Laurent soon would be as well) would not abide by... He's been avoiding them since.

Recent: Louis has stayed in Santa Marta, despite very much not wanting to, finding himself unable to leave and has, as of late, been involved mostly with the Revenant population of Santa Marta. Thanks to their shared soul mate, Louis has been reconnected with his twin.

Family: Jean DeFantome (Father; deceased), Emily DeFantome (Mother), Laurent DeFantome (twin brother)
Lovers: Camellia O'Friel (current), countless (former), Alex Hyde (former), Morgan Kendrick (current)
Friends: Alex Hyde, Patrick O'Loinsigh (local bar owner), Isaac Nerezza (works at his brother's bookstore)
Enemies: The Nightingale Court of Santa Marta
Other: Adam Freemont (♰♰♰ It's ~complicated~)

Income: Middle-class
Residences: the upper floor of a warehouse in Romero Hills
Vehicles: a motorcycle (IDK the make and model, I haven't figured it out yet.

Vampire the Masquerade: 20th Anniversary Edition

Louis is a 9th Gen Toreador Antitribu from the Volgirre bloodline. He's a member of Adam's pack but they don't share a Sire in this universe. They still don't get along.

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