"30" ☥ Cis Guy ☥ He/Him ☥ Vampire (Nightingale) ☥ Primary Universe: Nocturnal Creatures ☥ Bookstore Owning Occultist

Nicknames: Laur, Laurie
Aliases: Jonathan Legerdemain, Jean Nuit
Birthday: January 6th 1970
Death Day: December 8th 2000
Occupation: Occultist, Bookstore Owner
Residence: The Vista Rosa neighborhood in Santa Marta, CA, United States

Height: 5'10
Build: Average height, has a sort of stereotypical “scrawny nerd” sort of build with a soft layer of fat/soft belly and not a lot of muscular definition. He has long arms and legs in comparison to his torso which makes him look taller than he actually is.
Face Shape: Somewhere between an oval and a diamond, his facial features are fine and delicate with a long straight nose.
Eye Color/Shape: Vibrant, unnaturally bright ocean-blue with cat-like slitted pupils. Large but set deep within his face with heavy, tired looking lids and deep dark circles which gives him a sort of permanent “resting bitch face”.
Hair Color/Style: Slate Gray. Laurent’s hair is mostly straight with a slight wave to it (2A) and usually worn tied into a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck. he has long, messy bangs that usually hang in his face.
Skin Color/Texture: Very pale and desaturated with a distinct yellow undertone. He has soft skin but has a lot of small scars and marks on his hands from various occult work he did while he was still a mortal.
Distinguishing Features: First off, Laurent is prematurely gray. He also has a number of tattoos (a tattoo of a magical circle for protection on his back, another protection sigil on his chest over the heart, has a tattoo of an open eye on the back of his neck). He also wears glasses.
Posture: Very “proper” posture – stands straight up but there’s that slight hunch to his shoulders that comes from hours bent over books and papers. He moves very purposefully and a little bit stiffly with quiet footsteps.
Voice: Soft and understated, with the remnants of a Quebecois accent. Laurent rarely raises his voice and his speech is usually curt and clipped, possibly even seeming rude or sarcastic at times.
Clothing Style: Lots of blacks and blues with some cream and charcoal. He tends to wear comfortable clothing that could pass for being formal in most situations – black slacks, button-downs over v-necks, turtleneck sweaters and cardigans. A lot of his looks vaguely recall the 1980s when it comes to sweater choice.
Notable Mannerisms: Scrunches his nose when he’s thinking deeply about something but otherwise seems to not have a lot of particularly unique or defining mannerisms (almost purposefully so).

Physical: Lockpicking, breaking and entering
Social:Basic etiquette, subterfuge/lying, manipulation, Explaining technical details
Talents: Calligraphy, Poetry, Prose, getting in over his head
Knowledges: Greek, Latin, French, currently learning German, Masters in Psychology, Traditional Magic, Ritual Magic, Sigilcraft, Herbalism
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Gardening, Cooking
Special: Basic Nightingale abilities, some natural magical talent (mostly lost after becoming a vampire), spirit sight, minor precognition

Strengths: Clever, quick witted, tenacious, detail-oriented, good concentration, inquisitive, intuitive, dedicated, loyal, strong sense of internal morals
Weaknesses: overly curious, stubborn, too smart for his own good, overly self-reflective, can be cold and emotionally distant, closed off from his emotions, rude, irritable, afraid of intimacy, standoffish, shy, just generally bad at people.
Goals: To gather all the knowledge there is to be had, especially where it concerns the occult; to learn proper spontaneous magic
Fears: Loss of knowledge, loss of control, true death, what lurks beneath santa marta (but not enough to stop researching it)
Ideals/Morals: Laurent is willing to do almost anything to gain knowledge but there are a few things that disgust him and he finds morally abhorrent – like hurting children or murder (notably – he sees a difference between killing and murder but also tries to avoid killing people as a general rule unless it’s in self-defense)
Guiding Philosphies: Knowledge is Power
Sense of Humor: Very dry and sarcastic. He’s definitely the person to deliver a sarcastic quip with a totally straight face and it leaves people wondering if he even has a sense of humor.
Overall Personality: Laurent is kind of a prickly bastard. He’s introverted and introspective and has very little interest in being around or talking to people. He can pretend to be polite very well (and expects others to behave in a similar way). He prefers things to be well-structured and mostly predictable, he has trouble dealing with sudden intense changes. He seems very distant and cold to most people – utterly focused on his work over anything else.
-In Love: Laurent can be kind of a dork when he actually falls for someone and during any kind of "courtship" he's usually awkward and faltering, having difficulty opening up. Once he feels like it's safe to do so, however, his primary love language is sharing information and shared activities/paralell activities. He can be really protective as well.
-Under Stress: Increasingly erratic and irritable. Once his stress level gets to a certain point, Laurent mostly stops functioning as a human being and becomes a katamari ball of stress and anxiety.
-Alone: When Laurent is alone, he has a bad tendency to get really, really stuck in his own head.

Best Memory:Probably meeting his girlfriend/actually falling in love with her.
Worst Memory: Losing his best friend during the summer between Grade and Middle School.
Biggest Accomplishment: Learning actual magic.
Prized Possessions: His Maker's Grimoire.
Favorite Colors: Slate Blue, Silver, Navy Blue, Cream, Black, Charcoal.
Favorite Foods:
-Mortal: Tea (specifically Earl Grey), Coffee (black w/sugar), lemon pound cake with icing, maple walnut ice cream, croque monsier, palmiers, grilled cheese, cassoulet, coq au vin
-Blood: Literally only feeds on "students" -- anyone who is dedicated to learning in their life. His girlfriend.
Favorite Scents: sage, lemon, thyme, spruce, bergamot, mint, rain, charcoal, ink & paper, dragon's blood, sandalwood
Favorite Songs: Saturn - A Turning Page, Protege Moi - Placebo, Chopin - Preludes, OP 28:15 Sostenuto in D Flat; Danse Macabre in G Minor, OP 40- Camille Saint Saens; La Campanella in G Sharp Minor - Franz Liszt; Four Seasons: Winter, 1st Movement for Violin - Antonio Vivaldi
Can’t Leave Home Without: a small kit containing basic magic supplies, his phone, a journal, at least one protective amulet.

Birthplace: Suburbs of Montreal, Quebec
Childhood: Growing up, Laurent’s parents were usually very busy, both having careers that demanded a lot of their attention. He and Louis were often left to sort of fend for themselves (classic latch-key kids). Being the more shy of the twins, Laurent often relied on Louis to make friends – having few friends that he could consider his specifically.

At around the age of 11, while playing at his neighbor’s house after school with Louis, their friend Alex and his younger sister Madeline, the four of them found a oujia board and did what any group of pre-teens would do: they turned out the lights and used it. Unfortunately for the twins, the house was old and the board itself connected to a rather angry spirit that would attach itself to Louis and scare the hell out of the other three children. This is what would start Laurent’s interest in the occult but it was what would happen the next summer that would cement it as an obsession…

While playing in a local park, something that Laurent could neither identify or describe beyond “a writhing mass of eyes, grasping tendrils and eyes” would pluck Alex from the face of existence – not only taking the 12 year old but erasing any sign that he had ever existed to begin with from the minds of everyone but Laurent.

Adolescence: At thirteen, Laurent’s family moved to Santa Marta, California. Highschool was difficult for Laurent, who had started to go prematurely gray by the time he was 14 and was shy and bookish. He had to deal with a lot of bullying and it cemented his irritability.

He did, however, thanks to the unique nature of Santa Marta (attracting the supernatural) manage to make friends with a Witch by the name of Martin. They’d also date for about a year in secret before both decided that it just wasn’t working. However, the pair of them were obsessed with the occult and the presence of the “Old Gods” which were present in constant whispers in Santa Marta. This is where Laurent got into most of the trouble he would as a teenager – breaking into abandoned buildings looking for ghosts and signs of the supernatural as well as getting 100% illegal tattoos in dangerous settings (most notably, he had his protection sigil done by Martin in his basement along with the eye on the back of his neck).

Somehow, probably just due to luck, Laurent never actually got in legal trouble for any of the crazy shit he did as a teen but that luck wouldn’t last.

Adulthood: In his desperate search for occult knowledge, Laurent would end up crossing paths with a woman named Claudine – a Nightingale who was also an accomplished occultist and a powerful witch in her own right. He would end up stealing several of her important research journals and end up becoming her “assistant” at the age of twenty-one (she normally would’ve killed him for it but was impressed by his dedication and natural skill). She would keep him on as an assistant, teaching him about the occult and preparing him for life in the Nightingale Court before finally turning him in 2000.

Recent: In 2010, Claudine would disappear suddenly – leaving behind only a note about her own research into the “thing that lurks beneath the streets of this blighted metropolis” and pointing Laurent in a similar direction. During his training with Claudine, Laurent would run into mentions of the “Myriad Eyes” multiple times, especially when researching the occult history of Santa Marta… A phrase that he quickly came to associate with the thing that had taken his childhood friend.

Currently, he’s running a bookstore in Vista Rosa called “Eigengrau Books” and living in an apartment located above the store.

Family: Jean DeFantome (Father; deceased), Emily DeFantome (Mother), Louis DeFantome (twin brother)
Lovers: Martin Schwartz (former), Camellia O’Friel (current)
Friends: Isaac Nerezza (works at his bookstore), Claudine Legerdemain (Missing)
Enemies: ???
Other: Laci Lydia Brighton-Lee (???)

Income: Middle-class
Residences: A two bedroom apartment above his bookstore.
Vehicles: Black 2010 Ford Fiesta Van

Vampire the Masquerade (20th Anniversary)

Laurent is a 10th generation Camarilla Tremere in VtM. His Sire, Claudine Legerdemain is still missing. Due to the way that he was Embraced, Laurent is thrice bound to the Pyramid.

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