European Vampire Bloodline: The Lamia

Bloodline Values: Strength, Intelligence, Resourcefulness, Dedication

Bloodline Traits:
Paralytic bite, infrared vision, highly toxic venom, highly enhanced senses, highly enhanced strength and speed, hypnotic gaze, high physical resilience, increased resistance to poisons

Bloodline Description:
The Lamia are a moderately rare vampiric bloodline, originating in the Mediterranean. They are named after the mythological Lamia due to depictions of her being very snakelike -- something that sets the Lamia bloodline apart from other vampiric bloodlines. The Lamia are also considered the "bogeyman" of the vampire world as this bloodline specializes in hunting and killing the members of other bloodlines and, should a Nightingale Court hear of Lamia in the area, they will immediately do everything in their power to wipe out them out before they can get a proper foothold.

Bloodline Culture:
Being dedicated to hunting other vampires, the Lamia prize dedicated, intelligent and resourceful humans for the Change. They rarely create fully-fledged vampires, however, preferring to create "Ferals" that they have full control over. The bloodline has no unified culture beyond this and generally speaking, Lamia are mostly solitary, aside from their thralls.

Bloodline Appearance:
The Lamia bloodline is the least human-looking of all the vampiric bloodlines. Their skin tends to have a rotten, somewhat greenish undertone and it's not uncommon for Lamia to develop patches of scales around their eyes or on their shoulders, elbows, knees and hips. Almost all Lamia have bright yellow or acid green eyes with dark sclera and viper-like pupils.

The fangs of the Lamia are generally long and needle-like,far thinner than the fangs of other bloodlines and are not retractable. As time goes on, the snakelike features of the Lamia grow more intense in appearance.

Hunting Methods:
The Lamia bloodline is completely dependent on the Veil to go unnoticed by Mundane mortals and even then, their differences are difficult to hide. As such, Lamia avoid contact with mortals and almost exclusively feed on other vampires. The methods of doing so are widely varied.

The Lamia venom is a paralytic hemotoxin that is incredibly fast acting and, should a human be exposed to it, will result in the death of the human within minutes of being bitten and incapacitates a vampire for days after the initial bite.

Bloodline Abilities:
The Lamia's abilities reflect the fact that it specializes in hunting other vampires -- it is stronger, faster and more physically resilient than pretty much every other bloodline, though they lack the healing capabilities of the Siren. Their claws are also tainted with the same hemotoxin that's in their fangs and Lamia are more resistant to poisoning than any other bloodline. IN addition to having incredible nightsight, the Lamia bloodline possesses infrared vision and an ability to sense warmth in a similar way to snakes.

Bloodline Weaknesses:
Their highly enhanced senses make the Lamia particularly sensitive to light, even avoiding moonlight when possible. The Lamia is also unable to hide its true appearance as easily as other bloodlines and are more susceptible to corruption via the Myriad Eyes than any bloodline other than the First.

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