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Welcome to the Sanguine Sanctum, my personal home on the web! My name is Rozario (Roz) and I'll be your host! I created this site so I had a place to freely expess myself without having to worry about the host randomly caving to advertiser pressure and censoring my existence as a queer, trans person.

Growing up in the late 90s and early 00s, I was absolutely one of the many people who had a ridiciulous, gif-filled webpage that talked about my interests and things I liked. I think I made my first homepage in 1998 or 1999-- yeah, before Y2K. I can still vividly remember sitting on my personal computer in 2002 with notepad open and my copy of the Visual Quickstart Guide to HTML on my desk, coding out my little websites line by line... Or buidling sites using Windows Frontpage Express... Sitting in front of an ancient CRT monitor with a radiation warning that I had covered in stickers...

I remember browsing Geocities and Angelfire, Tripod, Freeservers and tons of other personal sites, discovering VtM in my early teens, browsing fandom webrings, reading weird ass fanfiction and finding the wildest fan theories.

The modern internet, in all honesty, feels like it lacks that. Which exhausts and frustrates the hell out of me. There's this sort of sameness, everywhere you go on the internet. We are shoved into boxes wiith a name and an avatar where we blend into the endless stream of other names and icons. Our words are the same neutral colored sans serif font on every social media platform. Individuals blur together into an endless mob. And I hate it. It feels like every site on the internet is chasing the same community vibe as 4Chan.

While I'm not going to just leave social media (I have people I can only contact that way) I do want to have my own space. Where I'm more than just black/white sans serif on a white/black background with only a username and an icon to set me apart.

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Latest: Musings on Transness - 06/08/22

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Some things that are really bothering me about transness and queerness that I am going to try to put into words and see if I can make any sense of them. There's something about this idea that I have now seen that in an "ideal world", trans as an identifier/category wouldn't exist because we would just be the gender we transition into... And like, I feel like that ties the unique experiences of transness to the oppression of the way gender is treated in society (plus like, it entirely ignores nonbinary trans people.

I am deeply perturbed by like, the idea that transness as a category is predicated on the oppression inherent in the cisheteropatriarchy and that transness would not "exist" in an "ideal world" because if transness was seen as a part of the natural variations of humanity, it would simply go unacknowledged because the only reason it's acknowledged is because we're seen as separate from cis men and women (going with a binary framing here because the initial idea doesn't acknowledge nonbinary genders, imo.)? Wow, fuck that was a run-on sentence. But yeah, anyway I just... I cannot quite put into words why that makes me feel so deeply upset and uncomfortable.

For whatever reason, my brain has tied this idea to two other avenues of thought/discussion that I've run into that bother me:

1) That I was "always" a boy and had simply been "misled" by society into believing that I was a girl.
2) That we must ensure that trans youth have access to HRT because then they'll "pass" better and no one will realize they're trans.

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