The Mimic Incident...
cw: non-con, teratophilia, vore, oviposition, double penetration, urethra penetration, lactation, belly deformation.

He wasn't really sure how he had gotten into this situation. Just moments ago, Florian had been standing in front of a massive door deep within the dungeon; It rose at least seven feet into the air and was at least five feet wide, carved from a glossy reddish wood that just begged for him to reach out and touch it. Its ornate handle was carved from what looked like ivory and the door's setting was the made from the same material. He couldn't see any way further into the dungeon, save for the door. He took a deep breath, forcing what little fresh air there was deeper into his lungs. Florian had been sent to scout ahead -- to find a path through the dungeon that would hopefully avoid unncessary combat. But he was... Maybe a little bit lost now. If he didn't come back within an hour, the rest of his friends would most certainly come to find him. And if there was no other way ahead... Well, he could just camp out in front of the door, couldn't he? He hadn't seen any sign of monsters or other danger down this corridor. His friends would eventually find him...

It was when he sank down onto the floor in front of the door, letting his back rest against it that everything suddenly changed. There as a thick, wet popping sound as a giant eye opened in the door above him -- gazing down at him with a baleful yellow stare. Florian cried out in surprise and tried to jump to his feet but his hair and clothing stuck to the door. Fuck, fuck, fuck. This was bad -- the door was a fucking mimic. The harder he tried to pull free, the more he sank into the door's sticky, yielding surface. Large, pointed teeth began to emerge from the edges of the door, rising up like the ribs of some ancient whale -- closing over him as he continued to struggle. Before he knew it, he had been pulled inside of the body of the mimic...

The monster's interior walls were the same glossy, rosy pink as the door had been -- covered in waving strange waving tendrils that looked almost like the papillae on a tongue. The air was hot and wet and stank of sweat... If Florian hadn't been part vampire, there was no way he would have been able to see in this kind of darkness... And he was desperately washing he wasn't as the papillae began to extend, shooting forward with terrifying rapidity to wrap themselves around his body tightly. A thick, clear slime began to ooze from the their tips... Was it some kind of...digestive juice? Florian gagged, struggling against the tendrils that wrapped around him but this served only to make them tighten their grip, cutting off the circulation to his extremeties.

"Nnng... Let...go!" He cried. He didn't want to die -- especially not like this. Not trapped in some stinking maw, trussed up like a fresh goose.

The ooze was beginning to work its magic, dissolving his fine silk shirt and woolen breeches -- leaving Florian naked inside of the mimic's maw. A fresh new wave of terror surged through him when he felt one of those tendrils begin to prod between his legs... Its tip squirmed against him, grinding against his now stiffening clit.

"Stop!" Florian shouted. "Don't touch me!" There was no way the thing was intelligent enough to understand what he was saying -- and even if it was, it wasn't like it would release his prey. More and more of the tendrils grew from the walls, swaying in front of him like a nest of angry snakes.

The tendril between Florian's legs continued its assault on his throbbing, aching clit and Florian had to stifle a moan. He didn't want this -- he didn't want to feel pleasure from a monster trying to digest him! More slime oozed from the tendril as it worked him and everywhere the slime touched grew unbearably hot, tingling and throbbing. He wanted it to stop, oh god it couldn't be doing this... Waves of pleasure washed over him, his breath coming now in desperate gasps. Every time the tendril ground itself against Florian's clit, the pleasure intensified and he could feel himself teetering on the edge of orgasm...

When it hit, Florian screamed, his entire body jerking and spasming in the mimic's grip, a torrent of clear, sticky cum squirting out onto the wet, pink floor. "NNNNN--GAH! C-CUMMING!"

The other tenrdils moved in closer, working over the rest of Florian's body -- making sure there wasn't an inch of him that wasn't covered in that slime... One even slithered its way between his ass cheeks, slathering Florian's asshole with the slime... He felt the wetness there and felt himself twitch, felt his muscles clench and relax without his input... And the tip of the tendril slowly pushed itself inside of the dhampir -- squirming against Florian's rosebud until it began to push the sphincter open and then began to shove itself into him. Florian cried out -- head falling back as his body went rigid. The tendril inside of his ass pulsed and expanded, stretching Florian's throbbing asshole wide.

"Wh-what are you doing?!" He screamed -- why would it do this?! "Stop it! That--hurts!!!" And it did hurt. The tendril had started out only as wide of two of Florian's fingers but quickly grew to nearly as thick around as his wrist -- without any real preparation, the intrusion made his insides scream. "No more!"

The mimic did not understand these words, all it knew was that there was a wet, eager cunt trapped in its maw -- and with a wet cunt there came the chance to breed. Trapped here, deep in this dungeon, it was rare that the monster got a chance to procreate. It was believed by many that it was pure magic that made the creatures, but the truth was that they needed a little outside interference. Especially if they wanted their offspring to leave the dungeon. And this one most certainly did.

The first tendril slipped from Florian's throbbing, engorged clit and rubbed itself along his slit -- parting his swollen lower lips. Florian groaned, shaking his head.

"N-no..." He whimpered. "Not there...please..." The dhampir knew there was no point, though. This monster was going to use him for whatever it pleased -- taking its time playing with him before it finished the job... Already his belly was painfully full, the tendril in his ass pistoning in and out, making it distend with every inward thrust, drawing gasps of mixed pain and pleasure from Florian's lips...He wasn't even sure if anything could fit in his cunt right now...

Much like the tendril that was relentlessly fucking Florian's ass, this tendril started off slow and small -- pushing into Florian's hole with gentle thrusts and as soon as it had slipped fully inside of him, it began to shove more and more itself into him rapidly. Florian cried out, feeling the tender inner walls of his cunt being stretched to far more than their capacity. He felt like he was going to rip -- he felt like he was going to fucking break.

"ST-STOP!" Florian gasped. "PLEASE!" Thrust after thrust, he felt the tendril violating him -- rapidly expanding inside of his pussy and slamming on the entrance to his womb. "IT'S TOO BIG!"

A ragged scream tore itself from Florian's lips when a third tendril -- much smaller than the other two but still far far too big -- slid into his urethra, slipping deeper and deeper inside and stretching that hole too.

"PLEASE GODS--NO M-MORE!" He couldn't think, he could barely breathe. His lower body was a riot of sensations that he could barely make sense of and that his brain seemed to have decided on interpreting as pleasure. Florian squirmed, hips moving of their own accord as he came -- over and over again. There was a genuine puddle of his cum on the ground beneath him now.

Tendrils were wrapped around his breasts now, rubbing his nipples and coating them with the aphrodisiac slime that now dripped down his chest and over his massively distended belly. All three of the tendrils thrusting into Florian were going to drive him out of his fucking mind. The one in his cunt had doubled in size now, its tip jammed against Florian's cervix and ramming into it with every thrust, clearly intent on breaking through into his womb.

The mimic knew it needed to get inside of there -- to that last inner sanctum -- and that once it had, it could finish its work. It could breed the squirming, screaming dhampir.

"TOO MUCH! PLEASE--AH! CUMMING! CUMMING!" Drool trickled down from the corners of his mouth and tears streamed down his cheeks. "NNNN PLEASE! T-TAKE THEM O-OUT! NO! NO! FUCK-- AH! STOP STOP STOP OUT OUT GET IT-- GET IT OUT!!!!"

His screams rose to a fever pitch when the tip of massive thing in his cunt finally broke through the resistance of his cervix and sheathed itself in his uterus. It was pure agony -- something that was most definitely not meant to be penetrated was being thrust into like some lifeless sex toy.

The tendrils in his ass and urethra sped up their pace, shoving all the air out of Florian's lungs as they relentlessly pistoned in and out of the two holes. Florian looked down, a fresh wave of terror washing over him as he saw the tendril in his cunt begin to undulate strangely, swollen lumps moving down its shaft towards him -- the flesh was stretched so wide it was translucent and he could see clearly what those strange lumps were: eggs.

Florian began shaking his head, trying to get control of his hands again and rip the thing out of himself. "No! No stop-- please! Please I don't--" The first egg began to slide into him, stretching his cunt even further as it did so. "NO! DON'T-- DON'T PUT THOSE IN ME!!!!"

Another ragged, broken scream left his lips as the mimic forced the egg past Florian's cervix, depositing it in his waiting womb. It felt good. It shouldn't have felt good -- his body wasn't made to be used like this and there was no way (if he survived this) that he wouldn't desperately need healing. But the egg slipping into his empty womb felt fucking amazing. A second stretched his cunt and he screamed again... Though this time, it was with pleasure and he felt his toes curl as the most intense orgasm he'd ever felt in his life claimed him... A third and then a fourth, a fifth and a sixth. Florian's belly was so heavily distended that he looked six months pregnant. He felt an egg being deposited in his asshole and nearly fucking passed out from the ecstasy.

"F-FUCK!" Florian screamed. A second in his ass and a third... And a fourth. He looked ready to pop now -- belly button sticking out, belly swollen to look like he was nine months pregnant -- and with twins. "Y-YES! PUT-PUT YOUR EGGS IN ME!" Florian couldn't help himself. He wanted, no he needed more.

Nothing had ever felt this good, nothing could ever possibly feel this good. The mimic shoved a seventh egg into Florian's womb and a fifth into his ass before it withdrew those tendrils -- leaving the one that probed the dhampir's bladder in place, thrusting away into him, causing him to shudder and cry out over and over again.

Florian whimpered, head falling back. His chest felt strange -- his nipples felt hot and wet, his breasts heavy. He lay there, panting. "Nnnnnn...please..." He gasped. He wanted more. His cunt felt so fucking empty now and he just wanted it filled.

He didn't know how much time had passed, just laying there...His breasts filled with milk, leaking down his chest and over his swollen belly... But eventually, he heard something -- something other than the pounding of his own heart and his own pleasured moans...

"FLORIAN!?!" A muffled voice called his name -- somewhere outside the hot, wet cavern that was the inside of the mimic, someone was looking for him. "FLORIAN!?"

He couldn't even answer... But the sound of tearing flesh caught his attention -- and light came pouring in, causing him to cry out in pain as the brightness assaulted his eyes. The tendrils drew back, leaving Florian on the wet ground.

"Oh gods--"

He knew that voice. "Vi...Viktor?" Florian struggled to sit up, groaning in pain, his body protesting the movement after so long laying still -- especially with how... full he was. "I--fuck...Help..." He looked up, giving a weak smile. "M-messed...up. Thought it was just a ...door." Once whatever the mimic had dosed him with wore off he was...he was going to be in a lot of pain.

The look of mixed horror and amusement on Viktor's face made Florian snort. " you always manage to do this?"

"...Someone...must...either love me or hate me." Florian groaned. "Come on, get me...get me up off the ground? Did you find a way...out?"

"Lianna did, yes." Viktor sighed, kneeling down to pick his boyfriend up off the...ground. He was going to think of it as ground. They'd have to come back and scour the entire inside of this place -- burn it until it was nothing but ashes. He lifted Florian up without much of a struggle, holding him bridal style. Florian wrapped his arms around Viktor's neck.

"Great. I think I'm gonna need...a lot of healing."