About the various games/chronicles being run by members of my gaming group run in a discord server named "Bigfoot Licked My Ass Dot Gov" (this is based on an inside joke from one of our games in 2019, where several players were frequent posters on a conspiracy/supernatural news forum of the same name...)

Games that have been played recently or are still active. I'm only listing games where we've had more than one session for the time-being.

Santa Marta By Night
System: Vampire the Masquerade 5th
In the year 2021, the city of Santa Marta is once again experiencing issues with the various vampire sects existing within it. A fractured segment of the Sabbat (working with a fragment of the Romanian mafia) is moving in on the southern half of the city while members of the Camarilla have re-taken several districts up north. Baron Ravi (who holds several districts of Santa Marta -- most of Vista Rosa, all of Bram Park and the Civic Center district) has enlisted the PC coterie to help her with keeping the peace in Anarch territories, kicking the Sabbat out and retaking territory from the Camarilla.
My Character: Florian Lazarescu, 10th Gen Caitiff, formerly a thinblood.

Strange Dreams: B-Side
System: World of Darkness (using Vampire 20th and others)
An alternate take on our Strange Dreams chronicle. Taking place in the city of Arkham, Massachussets, this chronicle focuses on several college students dealing with the encroaching eldritch terrors.
My Character: Dorian Keye, the son of a well-known occultist and an art student. Has been forced into keeping the Necronomicon against his will.

Tokyo Dreams
System: World of Darkness
Another mixed game. Taking place in Tokyo, this one focuses on the attempts of the PCs to deal with a sudden influx of Western vampires in Tokyo and the ways they're affecting the movements of the Yakuza.
My Character: Hawthorne O'Faolan, a former Sabbat Brujah who hopped a random plane to get away from the Sabbat hunting him in Chicago. Ended up in Tokyo where he ran into a few distant members of his family and got sucked into their issues.

Age of Ashes
System: Pathfinder 2e
Running through the pre-made Age of Ashes campaign for Pathfinder 2e. This is the game where Florian originated!
My Character: Florian Kroviyov, a dhampir Sorcerer/Rogue. His father is the ruler of an isolated barony and is currently making moves to gain more power within the country they live (I cannot recall the name right now). He started the game as Lawful Evil but thanks to the other PCs(and the goddess Nocticula) he's gotten to something more like True Neutral and is slowly becoming a better person.

More TBA

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