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Character Directory
this page is currently incomplete. Last updated: 2/4/2022

A collection of my roleplaying characters, some of which appear in my novels/writing projects. A lot of these characters also appear in my NSFW projects -- you can find the NSFW version of my character directory [HERE].

Original LoreWorld of DarknessFantasyOther UniversesOther CharactersMisc.

Original Lore [Urban Fantasy/"Nocturnal Creatures"]
Characters that primarily feature in my original lore aka the Nocturnal Creatures Universe.

Morgan Kendrick - 25 ♰ she/her ♰ Newborn Vampire ♰ Hopeless Romantic
Laci Lydia Brighton-Lee - "22" ♰ she/her ♰ Vampire ♰ Age-Sliding Bipolar Oracle
Laurent DeFantome - "30" ♰ he/him ♰ Vampire ♰ Book-shop Owning Occultist
Louis DeFantome - "26" ♰ he/him ♰ Vampire ♰ Romance-obsessed party boy artist
Adam Freemont - "29" ♰ he/him ♰ Vampire ♰ Douchebag Pretty Boy Manipulator
Alexander Hyde - "18" ♰ he/him ♰ Vampire ♰ OG Punk with Anger Issues

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World of Darkness
My World of Darkness Characters!

Florian Lazarescu - 21 ♰ Caitiff ♰ he/him ♰ Anarch ♰ Idiot party boy and fuck-up.
Ziva Koniecznka - "15" ♰ Ravnos ♰ she/her ♰ Independent ♰ Giovanni Chronicles Character
Andrea "Andi" Vega - 27 ♰ Garou ♰ she/her ♰ Bone Gnawer ♰ Lone Survivor and hunter of hunters
Dorian Viktor Keye - 23 ♰ Tremere Ghoul ♰ he/him ♰ Occultist, Artist, Keeper of Cursed Tomes (Unwillingly)
Amaryllis Freemont - "21" ♰ Toreador Antitribu ♰ she/her ♰ Anarch ♰ Former Jazz baby, "I can fix him" *chainsaw noises*
Thorn Freemont - "30" ♰ Toreador Ghoul ♰ he/him ♰ World's Meanest Wife Guy
Hawthorne O'Faolan - "24" ♰ Brujah ♰ he/him ♰ Anarch ♰ Not Exactly a Knight in Shining Armor
Valerian Frey - "22" ♰ Toreador ♰ he/him ♰ Anarch ♰ Hopeless Romantic, Dandy and Swordsman

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Fantasy [Pathfinder 2e, D&D, Luminaria]
My fantasy-based characters.

Florian Kroviyov - 19 ♰ dhampir ♰ he/him ♰ Pathfinder 2e/Luminaria ♰ Sorcerer/Rogue Dual Class
Briar Hawthorn - 20 ♰ Changeling ♰ he/him / Pathfinder 2e ♰ Druid/Witch Dual Class
Barabella "Baby" Sharptooth - 19 ♰ Possumfolk ♰ she/her ♰ D&D 5e ♰ Barbarian
Ash - 22 ♰ human ♰ he/him ♰ Pathfinder 2e ♰ Rogue

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Other Universes

Characters for other game systems/universes.

Rider (Little Red Riding Hood) - Rider Class Servant, for a Fate: Grand Order based game run in the FATE system // Noble Phantasm: All the Better to Eat You With -- Big Bad Wolf
Elisaveta Falkenrath - Innistrad Vampire, fan planeswalker for Magic: The Gathering. Also made for an MTG based game to be run using Mage: The Awakening system.
Lt. Amira Johnson - A character made for the Star Trek TTRPG, being played in an alternate universe where the Federation collapsed. Fused with an unknown alien entity that has caused her to become a sort of psychic vampire.

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Other Characters
Characters who(probably) won't be getting a full profile but might be mentioned in the profiles of others...
Camille Belikova - Primary antagonist in my novel, Nocturnal Creatures. Also features prominently as an NPC in VtM games where I've played Morgan (specifically the Chicago Chronicle). In VtM she's a Tzimisce. In my original lore, she's a part of the Stryzga bloodline with far stronger shapehshifting capabilities than she should have. Absolutely fucking despises the fae.
Lucille DeSantos - Camille's wife/long-term romantic partner. Any story/universe with Camille also contains Lucille. In VtM, Lucy is a La Sombra but in the original universes, she's a Stryzga like Camille (they're a "bonded" pair). As a mortal, she dabbled in various kinds of magic which she managed to maintain as a vampire.
Jonathan Anderson - Lucy and Camille's pet that isn't Adam. A witch and a precognitive as a human. He is still a precognitive as a vampire.
Ella DuChamps - the primary antagonist in an Urban Fantasy series that I was working on a few years ago but haven't had much inspiration on in a good, long while. She's an incredibly powerful necromancer and the leader of a cult dedicated to the Myriad Eyes, as well as intimately connected to said entity, being something known as the "Voice of the Myriad". A being of grand and absolute chaos despite being 5'0 and under 100lbs.
Isaac Nerezza - A friend of Laurent's. Got thrown into the universe of the main story when the Myriad Eyes devoured his universe of origin. Deeply touched by the myriad eyes.
Patrick O'Loinsigh - The owner of a bar/coffee shop called Eventide Coffee and Spirits. An incredibly power faerie, originally one of the potential inheritors of Winter but was exiled for unknown reasons. Eventide exists in a pocket dimension that is at the nexus of every Realm of reality (Faerie, the Mortal world, the realm of the dead etc.,) and also contains "doors" to various places in the mortal realm. Also Laci and Morgan's boss.
Maggie Rodriguez - a friend of Laci and Morgan's. Runs a "newsletter" of sorts for the Supernatural and Witch community of Santa Marta. Works at a local magic shop in the Val Del Mar neighborhood. Also features heavily in my novel, Nocturnal Creatures, where she is best friends/roommates with Morgan.

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Camellia O'Friel - NOT MY CHARACTER but I am including her here for the sake of clarity. Camellia (AKA Lia) is my partner, Noxernia's OC who, in many AUs and RPs, is a part of a polycule with Morgan, Adam, Louis and Laurent. She's the soulmate of Louis and Laurent due to some magical entanglement in their first lives and is Morgan's soulmate I think bc in their first life the pair of them were going to marry.

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