Roz ♰ RIP 1991 ♰ genderqueer cuntboy ♰ femme mspec gay man ♰ inclusionist ♰ anti-censorship ♰ neurodivergent fat cripple ♰ dyspunktional ♰ anarchist communalist ♰ diabolist/heretic & Eclectic Pagan ♰ he/him & masculine terms only.

Sup, I'm Roz. I'm an edgy millennial goth guy living in rural Pennsylvania. This is my personal blog where I try mostly to stick to like, aesthetic and memes but I ocassionally veer into discourse because I'm a passionate and argumentative dude.

Things you might find me posting about:
- my personal sex life
- my transition
- my trauma history
- gore
- edgy goth bullshit
- borderline NSFW stuff
- BDSM and kink-related content
- transphobia and trans-related discourse
- queer discourse stuff

I don't generally remember to tag like, literally anything so please be aware of that before following.

I enjoy 90s and 2000s goth aesthetics, edgy bullshit, tabletop RPGs, "problematic" media and old web nostalgia.

I am unapologetically fat, queer, kinky, gendernonconforming, neurodivergent, transgender and physically disabled. I am pro-fat liberation and anti-assimilationist. I am weird, I am fucked up, I am disabled, traumatized and not even remotely sane. None of this will ever change and if any of that bothers you, block my fat ass.

I'm a horror erotica/urban fantasy writer and digital artist. I primarily write about fat and queer characters and my art usually focuses on the same thing. My writing work heavily features trauma, cosmic/existential horror and other disturbing/upsetting themes. My (sfw) art is primarily pretty "wholesome" though. I like to make pretty things that represent bodies or experiences like mine.

My hobbies include: photography, tabletop RPGs (esp world of darkness), baking, sewing, jewelry making, hiking, swimming, karaoke, makeup and fashion... I also enjoy frightening conservatives and confusing cishet people.

A reminder: I am in my fucking thirties. I am a grown-ass man and I talk about adult topics. I create and consume content that may be considered "problematic" -- if you have an issue with that, please just block me.

Any language I use refers exclusively to myself or anyone else who chooses to claim it. If I talk about shit that could apply to you but you object to the language used then the post isn't for you/about you. This includes but is not limited to: fat, queer, FtM, cuntboy, disabled/crippled and any other reclaimed slurs or derogatories I might apply to myself.

If you find the way that I describe myself or my experiences to be offensive or upsetting then perhaps my content is not for you.

I vehemently oppose transmisogyny, transandrophobia, exorsexism/enbyphobia/ceterophobia and intersexphobia. I support transunitism and believe that any attempts to splinter or fracture the greater queer community only benefits those who want us dead.

While I understand that I cannot control who interacts with me or my blog, the purpose of this DNI is to make it clear what boundaries I draw -- what I can and cannot stomach. If you interact with me and any of this kind of stuff is on your blog, I will block you.

  • You support cyber-bullying, sexual harassment, suicide baiting, death/rape threats, doxxing, sending triggering/disturbing imagery or any other kind of harassment under any circumstances. No, I don't care if you think it's "morally correct" to harass them.

  • You are anti-kink, anti-sexwork, anti-sexual expression or support the censorship of legally produced fictional material in any way. This includes being "anti-fujoshi", "anti-darkfic" or anything like that.

  • You are any kind of Radical Feminist -- whether that be a "trans-inclusive" radical feminist or trans-exclusive radical feminist. This includes radical transfeminists. If you believe in radical feminism in any way, stay far, far away from me.

  • You are truscum/a transmedicalist, anti-neopronoun, anti-exogender or anti-transmasc. This also applies to any sort of "medicalist" -- if you don't support self-dx, endogenic systems or anything like that, fuck off.

  • You run a fat fetish/weight gain fetish blog that focuses primarily on degredation (especially if you yourself are not fat). I don't mind fat fetishists but feederism specifically makes me really uncomfortable.

  • You are a MAP/NOMAP. I support people with paraphilias getting psychiatric help and I am opposed to any kind of violent action against those who have only comitted "thought crimes" -- but as a CSA survivor, I'm just not comfortable interacting with people who identify as MAP/NOMAP.

  • You are a member of Q-Anon, a Trump supporter, an anti-vaxxer, Alt-Right/Alt-Lite, a "Proud Boy", a white supremacist, neo-nazi or any other far-right douchebag. Fuck off.

  • You are a minor. Please don't follow me if you are underage. I am a thirty year old man, I am not interested in interacting with children -- especially because I sometimes talk about my sex life on this blog.

  • You are pro-ana, pro-mia or any kind of pro-eating disorder blog: this includes fitspo/thinspo blogs, blogs dedicated to weightloss and "recovery" blogs that include goal-weights or are dedicated solely to "venting" disordered thoughts.

  • You think that asexuals aren't queer, if you think that bi/pan women can't be lesbians/that lesbian has only ever referred to people exclusively attracted to women, if you think that bi/pan men can't call themselves gay. If you tried to tell us all to call ourselves "gay" but now have an issue with people who aren't monosexuals calling themselves gay. If you think "queer" is a slur but use the terms "gay", "fruit" or "fairy".

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