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Welcome to the Sanguine Sanctum, my name is Rozario (aka Roz). This is my little private corner of the internet -- a place where I can freely be myself and freely share things without the worries of corporate censorship or social media bullshit.

Most of this site is pretty chill but the writing section may contain stuff that's a little bit uncomfortable or disturbing! Check out my blog for personal updates or the Vanity for selfies!

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Things are doing a bit better, personally at least. My emotions are a little less wild right now and that's really a good thing but there's still stuff bubbling under the surface. It's largely frustration and not knowing how to feel about what's going on in the world. Okay, no. I know exactly how I feel about the massive anti-Queer cultural shifts in the United States and the threat to abortion access... Petrified.

I've been trying to figure out why I am almost constantly anxious -- especially when leaving the house on my own but after talking with Raven (my eldritch gothparent) about things, I realized that's what it is. I am finally reaching a place in my transition where I cannot pass as cis in either direction. I have a much deeper voice, I have very visible facial hair and (in my opinion) a much more masculine facial structure... But I still have *really* large and noticeable breasts (even wearing a binder) and wide hips/thick thighs + a very hourglass shape bc of the bone structure I have and that the fat distribution is taking awhile to really get any place.

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