Blood and Bondage

Florian never would have thought that becoming a fully fledged vampire would feel like this -- that the thirst would suffuse every last fiber of his being, that it would feel like an animal trying to tear its way out of his throat. He couldn't have possibly expected that intensity, that desperation and aching need... The moment he'd woken from that deathly slumber, he had thrown himself at Viktor and the only thing that had stopped him was the human's lightning fast reflexes... Florian hadn't been thinking -- he had been nothing but pure instinct. A ravening beast striking without forethought... But it was clear enough that he needed help, that he had no control over himself at all -- he had almost killed the person he cared about most in the world... And that wasn't acceptable.

"Are they too tight?" Viktor asks softly, looking at the newly reborn vampire with concern in his eyes.

He doesn't want to hurt Florian but... he has to keep him from getting loose. Letting him go at this moment was far too dangerous. He looks at the silver chains wrapped around Florian's wrists and the bright red welts that spring up on the pale flesh around them.

Florian bites his lip but shakes his head. The chains hurt, the blessed metal digging into his flesh, burning him as it does... But bound by those chains, he can't move, he can't put anyone in danger. He may not care about anyone but the human standing over him but... That's who would be most at risk if he were allowed to run free... And the pain makes him shiver, sends jolts of excitement down his spine and causes heat to flare between his thighs... Even in this changed state, he can feel his body respond to the sensations in the way it always had before.

"I...I'm fine..." he whispers, staring up at Viktor.

The beast lodged in the back of his throat is screaming and desperately trying to claw it's way free. His eyes drift from holding Viktor's gaze to focusing on the pulsating artery in his throat. A groan leaves his lips, his body trying to push him to reach out, to sink his fangs in and... Fuck.

"Viktor..." he whimpers. "I... I need it..."

Viktor plants a gentle kiss on Florian's head. "I know, Flor. It's going to be okay. I'm going to make sure you get what you need. I promise..."

Florian watches with a mix of horror and anticipation as Viktor pulls a box cutter from his pocket -- flicking the blade out. It catches the light, glimmering almost sinisterly and Florian can't stop himself from protesting when Viktor places the blade against the flesh of his arm.

"Viktor -- no! I don't want you to hurt yourself for me I--" But the vampire's words stop dead in his throat when the blade bites into Viktor's skin.

Florian's eyes fix on the fresh wound and the glistening crimson blood that begins to flow from it, starting as delicate beads before it wells into a gentle stream. The only thing that exists for him at this moment is that blood -- the scent of it, the sight of it as it crawls down Viktor's arm. His entire body goes rigid and he pulls desperately against his restraints. He needs it and he needs it now. A low growl sounds in the back of his throat.

Viktor looks down at him with some concern, slowly moving his arm into place, close enough that the blood can flow into the newborn vampire's mouth with ease but not close enough for him to sink those fangs into the flesh and for them both to lose themselves to the carnal bliss of the bite and venom.

A desperate moan leaves Florian's lips the instant the first drop hits his tongue and heat flares between his thighs. His head goes blank and his entire body feels like it's starting to burn -- even though there's no heat in it. He's never tasted anything like this. He'd drank blood before, being half vampire necessitated it but... It didn't taste like this. This is like the sweetest of wine, the heat of summer, the essence of life itself as it flows into his waiting mouth. Florian whimpers. The drips are coming too slowly and he desperately needs more.

"Viktor -- please... I...I need it... I need more..." he pants, squirming beneath Viktor's weight, pulling against the restraints. "I need it, please!"


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