My name is Roz/Rozario and I'm a genderqueer GNC trans man from Rural Pennsylvania! I'm an erotic-horror/paranormal romance/urban fantasy writer, an artist, someday-musician, amateur photographer and kind-of activist who's passionate about the gothic subculture and occultism/philosophy. I'm also maybe just a little bit obsessed with 90s aesthetic.

I'm also passionate about trans & queer liberation, anarchism, history/historical fashion, modern fashion and fat liberation. I don't really consider myself an "activist" but there are probably some who would give me that title (especially since I'm a fat, disabled trans person who talks about being trans on the internet, even if to a very small audience). I'm chronically ill and neurodivergent as well as a victim/survivor of parental abuse, educational neglect and sexual assault/rape/attempted murder. I don't plan to talk about being a survivor here on the blog very much unless it's about how it intersects with fatness/queerness/transness/neurodivergence.

Politically, I am pro-sex work, anti-drug war, anti-capitalist, anti-racism and anti-fascist. I am also a
theistic Satanist/Luciferian, eclectic pagan and practicing witch.

My hobbies include: tabletop RPGs (especially World of Darkness), amateur photography, sewing, jewelry making, hiking, swimming and cooking/baking. I also enjoy just reminding people of the existence of goth and terrifying small children, conservative Christians and transphobes.

This is my personal blog for talking about basically whatever the hell I feel like talking about.