"29" ☥ Cis Man ☥ he/him ☥ Vampire (Siren) ☥ Primary Universe: Nocturnal Creatures ☥ Self-Absorbed Manipulator & Playboy

Nicknames: None
Aliases: Edwin Lockhart, William Silva, Francis LaRue, Everett Brighton, James Fenwick
Birthday: August 11th 1897
Deathday: December 19th 1926
Sexuality: Primarily Straight
Residence: Vista Rosa, Santa Marta CA, United States
Occupation: Photographer

Height: 6'0
Build: Tall and lanky with angular shoulders and long limbs. He has a trim, lightly muscled physique with long delicate fingers and soft hands.
Eye Color/Shape: Luminous Yellow/Gold with slitted cat-like pupils and a darker, amber band around the edges.
Hair Color/Texture: Black, 1b hair texture. Just long enough for the ends to brush against his shoulders. Partially brushed back and parted to the right but a significant amount of his hair ends up falling into his face.
Face: Angular with a square jaw and high cheekbones. He has a mostly straight nose with a slight convex curve to the bridge. He has deep set eyes with heavy lids and dark circles and usually looks somewhat sleepy but in a strangely sensual way. Defined lips that are usually curved into a sadistic little smirk. He’s quite attractive but in a way that feels vaguely dangerous or even predatory.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Adam has bright golden eyes with slitted cat-like pupils. Even with the veil hiding his true appearance, his eyes appear golden. He also has a rather large, jagged scar on his back, located between his shoulder blades. I’d include his *other* distinguishing characteristic but that’s kinda NSFW ;)
Posture/Body Language: Confident, even arrogant, chin up, shoulders back but not in a way that looks particularly stiff. His body language is generally relaxed and easy, bringing to mind a big cat at rest – there’s always something about the way he moves that implies a predatory nature laying beneath his cool, collected surface. Adam walks with clear purpose and long, smooth strides and always knows how to make an entrance.
Voice: Soft and smooth with a deep timbre and confident inflection. Adam’s voice is somewhat like poisoned honey or arsenic laced velvet – smooth and sweet but with something slightly off.
Clothing Style: Adam prefers dark colors – burgundy, blood red, black, charcoal, rich deep browns and the ocassional pop of gold or cream or a white dress shirt. He wears primarily expensive, tailored button downs made from things like silk, velvet or very high thread count cotton with the sleeves rolled up and the top three (or four) buttons undone.

Sometimes with brocade, floral or striped patterns. If it’s cooler out, he’ll wear a black blazer or something similar. When it comes to pants, it’s almost entirely black or charcoal tailored pants or pitch black jeans. He usually wears very few accessories – a nice watch, a belt, a silver and garnet ring and a pendant on a thin silver or gold chain. Generally wearing pointed toe oxfords or other dress shoes. When it comes to outerwear, Adam generally prefers things like wool coats and the ocassional leather jacket (always real leather, too) (to get a better idea, check out his
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Social: Manipulation, Lying, Gaslighting, Flirting, Proper Etiquette, Public Speaking, Blame Shifting, Negging, Seduction
Physical: knife combat, some hand to hand combat, basic combat training (circa 1914), long range firearms/sniping, Ballroom Dancing, Fencing, Horseback riding, the carnal arts
Talents: Photography, Drawing, Poetry, Lying, Being an Asshole, Manipulation, Painting, Seduction, Sex
Knowledges: Fluent in French & Italian, Masters in Psychology (circa 1926), Photo Development (wet plate, autochrome, modern methods), some basic knowledge of financial law and property law
Hobbies: Photography, writing, breaking pretty girls, avoiding his deep-seated psychological issues, general hedonism
Special: Emotional Influence, Telepathy, Emotional Transference, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Strength, “Immortality”, Enhanced Senses (esp sight), minor regeneration, sweet blood, emotional radar/supernatural empathy, hypnosis/mind control

Strengths: Charismatic, quick-thinking, clever, good at understanding the thought processes of others, empathetic, deeply romantic, treats service workers well, dedicated, generally calm, high emotional intelligence, has critical thinking skills, polite*, can be incredibly sweet, adaptable, pays a lot of attention to his partners in bed, passionate, artistic, creative, protective
Weaknesses: selfish, self-absorbed, arrogant, manipulative, almost completley lacks compassion, disdain for basically everyone around him, dishonest, has a horrible temper, needs constant attention and praise, has a massive inferiority/superiority complex, overconfident, easily susceptible to flattery, deep-seated intimacy issues, can’t stand being wrong, terrified of vulnerability, paranoid, detached from his own emotions/denies his own humanity, callous, sadistic, can be incredibly rude, actually a bit of a coward, condescending, possessive, jealous and generally kind of a dick.
Fears: genuine intimacy, abandonment/loneliness,true death, being buried alive
Goals: To finally create the perfect art piece (i.e., break someone in just the right way – he’s not even sure what this MEANS, he’s just sure he’ll “know” when he finally does it), to just enjoy his immortality.
Personality: On the surface, Adam seems likable enough – at least, at first. He’s incredibly charming and thoughtful, often anticipating people’s wants before they’re even able to articulate them, witty, intelligent and seemingly very polite…

But beneath that surface lurks a spoiled rich kid who learned early on in life that having money, being good looking and charming meant he could get away with almost anything. Adam is self-absorbed and arrogant and almost everything he does is a carefully crafted performance intended to get people on his side and manipulate them into doing what he wants.

Beneath even that, which he desperately tries to ignore, is a little boy who was spoiled by his mother and entirely ignored by his (largely absent) father – a young man who was traumatized by being forced to fight in WWI and who is full of deep-seated fears and insecurities.

To make up for this, Adam is often sadistic towards the people around him – but in that way where it’s difficult to tell that he’s actually being cruel until one looks back at the conversation.

He has difficulty genuinely connecting to others because of those insecurities and instead uses his powers as a Siren to make the people around him love and adore him– no matter how badly he treats them.
-In Love: Genuine love is something that Adam hasn't had a lot of experience with in his life due to his immense difficulties in opening up to others. He does however have a lot of experience with relationships. When he's in relationships, Adam is incredibly possessive and jealous of his partners but he's also very attentive to them, he'll spend the majority of his time with his partner and constantly spoiling them...

Mostly because he wants to see himself as the center of their world -- and wants them to treat him like that as well. Which is usually where the negging and the emotional manipulation (using both mundane and paranormal methods) starts to come into play, breaking his partner down until they're entirely reliant on him for any sense of self-confidence.

There are a few times that Adam has been genuinely in love and in these relationships, he behaved in much the same way, despite wishing he could do things differently but not understanding how.
-Under Stress: Under stress, Adam's cool facade quickly starts to unravel -- he quickly begins to become irritable, snappy and unfailingly cruel. When he gets to a sort of critical mass of stress, he'll start lashing out at things physically and absolutely getting violent with the majority of the people around him.
-Alone: Adam actually avoids being alone as much as possible because without people around him to prop him up and inflate his ego, his insecurities start to get to him and he starts to question himself and his decisions. Which is uncomfortable and Adam hates discomfort and so, he'll do almost anything to avoid being completely alone.

When he is actually alone, he tends to be quiet, introspective and melancholic. The irony is that when Adam is alone is when his creativity actually has a chance to blossom to the surface -- when he's alone, he starts to create to escape from his internal issues and is actually quite talented.

Best Memory: Being gifted his first camera, meeting his Maker.
Worst Memory: Somewhere between when he almost died during WWI and his actual death…
Biggest Achievement: Getting his Masters
Prized Possession: Silver and Garnet ring gifted to him by his Maker, his first camera, his black 2020 Ferrari Portofino (with the red leather interior), (he also has an engraved custom sniper rifle but a friend picked the model and shit for me and I cannot remember what it is for the life of me)
Favorite Color: Red, Gold
Favorite Food:
-Mortal Food: Partial to anything rich and flavorful, prefers food that’s not pointlessly ostentatious (nothing coated in gold leaf, that’s absurd), dry red wines, Italian Cream Cake, Eggs Benedict, Crepes Suzette
-Blood: Blood taken in the heat of the throes of passion from someone that’s truly and deeply in love with and obsessed with him…
Favorite Scents: Blood, Gasoline, Cloves, Cinnamon, Resin, YSL Nuit, roses, vanilla, rain, the sharp smell of a cloudless winter night
Favorite Songs: Winter, 1st Movement - Vivaldi, Raindrops - Chopin, La Vie En Rose - Edith Piaf, Arsonist's Lullaby - Hozier
Can’t Leave Home Without: At least one knife somewhere on his person.

Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States
Childhood: Adam is the only child out of six in his family to survive to adulthood with four older siblings who had either in infancy, had been stillborn or died of tuberculosis when Adam was still too young to remember them. He had one younger sibling, a sister named Mary who was killed in an accident at the age of 6 when Adam was 8 years old. His parents were already a little bit older by the time he was born and his father was the owner of an incredibly lucrative railroad line and had profited greatly from the Gold Rush as well as owning multiple properties in San Francisco and neighboring Santa Marta…

Due to the loss of her other children, Adam’s mother doted on him – giving into his every whim, supplying him with the best education she could and basically just spoiling the ever loving fuck out of him. His father, on the other hand, was always busy with work and when he was home, had nothing but criticism for Adam who desperately tried to gain his approval to no avail.

Adolescence: Adam developed a passion for photography as a teenager and discovered that being good-looking, clever and rich meant he could get away with A LOT more than most people and also meant that he rarely heard “no” and accepted it as an answer even less often (though he rarely resorted to force to get his way, relying instead on bribery, flattery, blackmail and implied threats). All of this gave him quite an interest in psychology and he intended to become a clinical psychologist. During his adolescence, Adam would have a great many girlfriends and despite being a selfish and manipulative little shit, was actually not the world’s worst boyfriend and no hint of the violent temper and genuine sadism he’d develop after being Changed.

Adulthood: Adam’s education would be interrupted by the outbreak of WWI, being forced into the war by his father (who threatened to stop paying for his tuition), if asked Adam will describe the war as as “incredibly distasteful and personally inconvenient.”. He was a skilled marksman and sniper but was otherwise unremarkable – much to his father’s disdain. After nearly dying in one of the trenches of France after taking a grievous bayonet wound in the last few months of the war, Adam would be sent back from the frontlines and would shortly begin work on continuing his education…

However – despite the fact that he would complete all seven years necessary to get his degree, Adam’s interest in becoming an actual psychologist wouldn’t ever come to fruition. In 1925, he would meet Amelia Madeleine Smith – an unbelievably beautiful and charming socialite from Santa Marta who would see Adam’s potential as a source of money and influence for the Nightingale Court of Northern California. She would spend the next year carefully grooming him to become her protege – manipulating him much in the same way he would later manipulate the women he dates as a vampire – using emotional transference, mind control and mundane manipulation to cause him to fall madly in love with her… In December of 1925, Amelia would finally perform the ritual of transformation on him and bring Adam over into the world of the Supernatural.

Unfortunately for Adam, his Change would take nearly two weeks to complete – two weeks spent in absolute agony beyond anything he’d experienced before. Amelia, believing the most important first step for a newly born vampire is to break their bonds to humanity would kidnap his mother during this change and leave her for him to kill upon waking.

Recent: Adam would remain with Amelia (who used her bond as Adam’s maker to control most of his actions and her abilities as a Siren to continue to influence his emotions) until 1980 when she was killed by a member of the Bram Park Wolf Pack in Santa Marta, leaving Adam behind. During this period, Adam would end up being “taken in” by a bonded pair of Stryza – Camille Belikova and Lucy DeSantos and would act as their primary draw for new playthings.

Family: Lawrence Freemont (Father; Deceased), Anne Freemont (Mother; Deceased), Mary Freemont (Sister; Deceased)
Lovers: Amelia Smith (Maker; Deceased), Many, many girls (whose names he cannot remember).
Friends: Camille Belikova, Lucille DeSantos, Jonathan Andreason
Enemies: the Bram Park Wolfpack, various other vampires in Santa Marta (mostly because of Camille and Lucille)
Acquaintances: Miranda Cortez (Queen of the Nightingale Court of Santa Marta)

Income: Moderately Wealthy
Vehicles: 2020 Ferrari Portofino
Residences: Penthouse Apartment in Vista Rosa, a small Victorian row house in Val Del Mar and a 1br/1ba apartment in Park Verde (all located in Santa Marta)

Vampire the Masquerade - Chicago Chronicle
The only game where Adam is still *alive* as of the current storyline. He's a 7th Gen Toreador (via diablerie, mostly) who is currently three points bloodbound by his Childe, Amaryllis Freemont (who took his surname after her death, mostly to fuck with him). He's had his humanity forcibly raised through a combination of dominate and presence by Amaryllis and is currently working as a bartender at her nightclub. He's not happy with this scenario in the least but at least he's not dead or still being controlled by Camille. Technically, this is a version of Adam that *I* haven't ever played since he is an NPC in that universe and played by my gaming group's ST.

Vampire the Masquerade - Strange Dreams Chronicle
Adam was an Anarch who had started flirting with joining the Sabbat after a diablerie gone wrong. He was dating my PC (Morgan Kendrick, a mortal) along with at least four other girls. She was desperately in love with him because of a mix of her own emotions and his liberal use of Entrancement on her. When she broke free of his control and she taunted him repeatedly via text, he attempted to murder her but did not succeed. He proceded to become a constant thorn in Morgan and her friends' side once she was Embraced by a local Gangrel Anarch... Eventually, Morgan would diablerize him in a panic during a confrontation... And then proceed to "haunt" her as a side-effect of the nearly failed attempt. As of the current story, he's been removed from her psyche and no longer exists.

Vampire the Masquerade - Greensburg by Night
A former Camarilla Toreador. This version of Adam was born in the 1930s and was drafted into WWII. He's less of a manipulative douchebag and far less sadistic because there's no antitribu/Sabbat influence on him yet. This is a game where I am actually playing him as a PC because I wanted a chance to see how his character would develop surrounded by better people. He's still a playboy, still self-absorbed and manipulative but he seems to genuinely care about the girls he's in relationships with (as evidenced by the *three hour long* cold, calculated frenzy he went into when one of them was murdered. he botched that roll so badly but the ST did such a good job with the character of his Beast. I loved it SO MUCH)
Eventide Tumblr RP:
This is another original lore universe where he exists as a disembodied spirit bound via blood and trauma to newly born vampire, Morgan Kendrick. This is also the version of Morgan who is primarily listed on this website.

Various Discord RPs
Adam also exists in a *good* number of roleplays on discord with my partner,
Noxernia. There's too many of these to fully list but in a lot of them, he is "rehabilitated" and is part of a polycule with Laurent DeFantome, Louis DeFantome, Morgan Kendrick and my partner's OC, Lia O'Friel.

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