European Vampire Bloodline: The Siren

Bloodline Values: Passion, Romance, Pleasure, Empathy, Sensuality, Creativity, Expression

Bloodline Traits:
Euphoric bite, high physical resilience, empathy, telepathy, emotional transferrence, social hunters, solitary.

Bloodline Description:
One of the rarer bloodlines, Sirens are usually mistaken for Nightingales due to similarities in appearance and abilities. This bloodline focuses more on emotional manipulation than mental control, unlike the Nightingale. The Siren Bloodline is one of the most romantically inclined of the bloodlines and tend to have a large number of friends or romantic partners.

Bloodline Culture:
At one point, the Siren bloodline may have had its own political structures and culture but following Nightingale attempts to exterminate the bloodline, no such thing exists in the modern era. As such, most Sirens live in Nightingale society -- either hiding their true bloodline or entirely unaware of it.
[See Nightingale Culture]

Bloodline Appearance:
The Siren Bloodline appears to those who have Pierced the Veil as having skin that's a shade or too lighter than it was during life, though they have a rosy, lifelike undertone to their skin, lacking the colorless, sickly coloration of other vampiric bloodlines. They have incredibly bright irises that possess slight luminosity to them in low light with slitted, catlike pupils. They tend to have small, delicate fangs with either the outer incisor or canines being increased in size, rarely both -- due to this, their fangs may go unnoticed until they feed or are in a sufficiently intense emotional state (which is common for the Siren due to their strong empathic abilities)

A Siren's claws tend to be shorter than those of other bloodline but are usually just as sharp.

Hunting Methods:
Like the Nightingale, the Siren is a social hunter -- though Sirens rely more upon romaance and seduction to pick their victims, preferring to feed from long-term intimate partners during sex or other intimate interactions rather than from randomly selected prey.

Notably, the bite of the Siren causes their victim to develop a temporary emotional bond with the vampire -- which risks turning into a dangerous obsession if the victim has a weaker mental/emotional constitution. This may be why Sirens keep a dedicated pool of victims as opposed to selecting random prey due to that risk. This bite-borne emotional connection is a part of why the Nightingale Court attempted to wipe out this Bloodline.

Bloodline Abilities:
The Siren bloodline possesses incredible physical resilience and healing capabilities, even compared to other vampires, being capable of healing from wounds in days or hours that would leave another bloodline incapacitated for weeks. In addition to this incredible healing capability, the Siren is the least sensitive of all the vampiric bloodlines, able to spend time outside during daylight provided the weather is overcast without suffering damage, though exposure to direct sunlight will still result in burns.

Additionally, the Siren is capable of inducing emotional states in the people around them with a touch or simply with their presence -- projecting feelings such as lust, anger or fear to mortals (or even other vampires) of their choice. An offshoot of this ability is that the Siren can force the memory of a feeling onto another person and are capable of using this to devestating effect when threatened by forcing their attacker to experience the agony ofthe Siren's Change in a split second -- which leaves their attacker incapacitated or, if mortal, may even result in death.

Sirens also possess a stronger empathic ability than other vampiric bloodlines in addition to possessing mental abilities similar to the Nightingale, although less powerful.

Bloodline Weaknesses:
Due to their incredibly strong empathic ability, the Siren is particularly prone to the worse emotional effects of the vampiric curse. They're also prone to losing control of their ability to project emotions onto others when under stress and have a bad tendency to accumulate stalkers.

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