European Bloodline: The Revenant

Bloodline Values: Survival, family, freedom, authenticity, autonomy, loyalty.

Bloodline Traits: Paralytic bite, highly enhanced senses; highl enhanced speed, strength and stamina; ambush hunters, highly social.

Bloodline Description:
The second most common of the vampiric bloodlines. Considered by the Nightingale to be a "lesser" form of vampires, Revenants are incredibly organized and well connected -- communicating with each other across the world whether through online messaging or specialized grafitti. News travels quickly among members of this bloodline.

Bloodline Culture:
Members of the Revenant bloodline often gather in large "family groups" and like their prey, tend to live on the outskirts of society: choosing abandoned subway tunnels and sewers, condemend buildings and other rarely frequently locations to live. Unlike the Nightingale which has a strict heirarchy, Revenant culture tends to be a bit more democratic and communalist in nature -- with every member of a Revenant community having an equal say in community decisions. The Revenant bloodline highly values autonomy and independence but most Revenants are also incredibly loyal to the members of their community -- rarely partaking in the backstabbing and petty squabbles common among Nightingales.

Bloodline Appearance:
The Revenant bloodline is far more reliant on the Veil to remain hidden from humans, being far more "monstrous" in appearance than the Nightingale.

While their fangs are retractable, the Revenant's fangs are far larger and sharper than a humans even while fully retracted. In addition, their lower canines may be pointed as well. Their skin has a dull, grayish undertone and appears particularly washed out and sickly. They have dark under-eye circles and even when well fed, some Revenants may have Tardieu spotting around their eyes.

A Revenant is also incapable of retracting their claws, needing to cut or file them down to pass for human.

Hunting Methods:
Revenant venom is a minor paralytic which can last for hours after the vampire has finished feeding. In addition to its paralytic effects the venom causes an altered mental state where the victim suffers from intense feelings of fear and numbness -- even to the point of dissociation. It's common for Revenant victims to forget the attack happened at all though it's likely that this is just as much due to the effects of the venom as the Revenant's propensity to attack mortals in altered mental states.

When it comes to their prey and hunting grounds, Revenants prefer to hunt those who live on the outskirts of society: criminals, transients, the homeless, mentally ill people, drug addicts and alcoholics -- people who are unlikely to be missed... or at least, unlikely to be noticed as missing by mundane law enforcement. Their usual hunting grounds are dark alleys, dingy bars and lonely back roads...

Because a Revenant's feeding is generally incredibly unpleasant, those Revenants with a more humane disposition are unlikely to feed directly from their victims and rely on bagged or donated blood... Though some will use anesthetics, narcotics and other drugs to induce a state where their unpleasant bite is more likely to go unnoticed.

Bloodline Abilities:
While Revenants lack the robust mental abilities of the Nightingale, they are incredibly resistant to those same abilities -- being almost impossible to use any sort of mental compulsion or emotional transferrence on.

In addition to this, the Revenant bloodline possesses far greater physical abilities than almost any of the other bloodlines -- being capable of superhuman speed, strength and resilience from their very first nights. Revenants also have incredibly acute senses, far outstripping any of the other bloodlines. A Revenant's senses can be so acute, in fact, that it may seem that they possess psychic abilities at times.

Bloodline Weaknesses:
The Revenant bloodline has the weakest mental abilities of any of the bloodlines and is also incredibly sensitive to light -- avoiding even strong artificial light when necessary. In addition, their incredibly strong senses can leave them vulnerable to overstimulation.

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